In 15 years, the International Piano Competition of Lyon (France) has attracted about 700 competitors from nearly 50 countries. It is a wonderful festival of concerts and master class at the heart of the City of Lyon. On the banks of the Rhône River, Lyon is one of the largest and oldest cities of France, with a rich cultural and economic life. The Competition is a member of the Alink Argerich network.

2024 Edition

A week of classical festival at the heart of Lyon.

2th - 6th of July 2024


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2022 competition program

First round online: Free program from 15-20 min, including an original piece of J.S.Bach and a virtuoso study. Complete with one or more pieces of your choice. Send your performance via Youtube video link (or any other streaming platform). Please see regulations paragraph 10 about the 1st round online, and read carefully the entire rules.

Semi-Final: Free program from 22 to 25 minutes. It is possible to include one of the works recorded for the 1st round in the program of the Semi-Final or Final-Recital.

Final-Recital: Free program of 45-55 minutes, composed of works of the candidate's choice, different from the previous rounds. Mandatory including a work by Alexandre Scriabin, the mandatory following work: piano sonata in A minor of Alexey Shor (arr. by Mikhail Pletnev) (you can also download the partition in the "new" section) and the 1st movement of the concerto that the candidate has chosen for his performance (among the list of concertos proposed by Artistic Direction of competition). For this test, the candidate will be accompanied on the second piano by a professional accompanist - Mr. Nobuyoshi Shima or M. Pavel Kachnov, laureat of the first prize of the 2017 edition of the Lyon international piano contest.

Final-Concerto: The Concerto presented by the laureats, this time played in full with Symphonic Orchestra or accopagnied with a second piano in case of the unavailability of the orchestra due to the sanitary context.

2024 Competition RULES

- The 1st round of the Competition directly online by YouTube link. (See paragraph 10 "Rules of the First Round Online" below).
- No pre-selection (for the 2024 edition) !

1. The Lyon International Piano Competition (CIPL) is organized by the association Grand Prix International de Piano de Lyon (GPIPL), which is a non-profit association "Law 1901".

2. The CIPL is open to pianists of any nationality, aged between 16 and 35 at the beginning of the competition.

3. Registration is open from 1 January 2024.

4. The deadline for registration, sending the complete file and the Youtube link of the First round is set for April 1, 2024 midnight.

5. Registration:
online at
by email to: email: together with the full application (see list below) and the YouTube link for the 1st round.
The following documents should be attached to this file (before midnight on 1 April 2024):
- The registration form to download;, to be completed in capital letters
- A CV in English and French of 10 lines maximum (PDF format)
- A high definition photo (jpeg format of 4 MB maximum)
- A photocopy of the passport (PDF format)

- The full program of all the events, with the timing of each work (PDF format)
- Proof of payment of the €120 registration fee (PDF format) Important: Please indicate the candidate's name for each method of payment!
- The Youtube link of the 1st round.

6. Bank charges are the responsibility of the candidate.

7. The registration fee of 120 € must be paid :
- either by international bank transfer to the bank account given below:
Crédit Mutuel 34 Wacken Street
67482 Strasbourg (France)
IBAN code: FR76 1027 8073 1200 0205 8310 119
Beneficiary: Grand Prix International de Piano de Lyon
- or by PayPal 125 € (fees PayPal included) on the site
- or by cheque payable to the GPIPL (for French residents only).

8. Applications will only be accepted and confirmed once payment of the entry fee has been received.

9. The registration fee will not be refunded or postponed for any reason whatsoever.

10. Rules of the First Round (online) to be read carefully:
- Free program of 15 to 20 minutes maximum, including an original work by J.S. Bach and a virtuoso study. The program may be completed by one or more works of the candidate's choice!
Please note :
- The video should preferably be recorded especially for the Lyon International Piano Competition.
- The video must be sent in one or more links (4 maximum) and without interruption within the works. The face and hands should be visible at the same angle and preferably without special effects like zooms and the like.
- A YouTube link is perfectly suitable, however it is the candidate's responsibility to check that this link is available online from registration until the results of the 1st round are announced.
- Recordings can be made on an upright piano or a smartphone. Candidates will not be penalised for the quality of their instrument or recording, although digital pianos will not be accepted.
- Please note : if the link is not sent by midnight on 1 April at the latest, the candidate will automatically be disqualified and the entry fee will not be refunded. - The results of the 1st round will be announced on Monday 8 April 2024 on the website to give the semi-finalists enough time to prepare for their trip to Lyon.

11. Rules of the Semi-Final : 3 and 4 July 2024 : at the Palais de la Mutualité, Salle Edouard Herriot: 1 place Antonin Jutard 69003 Lyon. Free programme of 22-25 minutes, which may include a work from the 1st round.

12. Rules of the Final - Recital : 5 July 2024
6 or 7 finalists. Free programme of 40-45 minutes, consisting of works other than those from the previous rounds and including a work by a Spanish composer and the 1st movement of the concerto chosen by the candidate for his or her performance (see the list of concertos proposed for 2024). For this round, the candidate will be accompanied on the second piano by Mr Nobuyoshi Shima.

13. Final – Concerto : 6 July 2024.
3 Prize-winners will perform their concerto in its entirety with orchestra during the Gala evening.

14. Candidates are responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses. However, for all semi-finalists who wish to do so, there is a possibility of accommodation with host families, subject to availability. This service is free of charge. To take advantage of this service, please contact Hélène Balligand, coordinator of the host family network, by email: , with a copy to: As the number of accommodation places is limited, applications will be processed subject to availability.

15. All applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who will be fully responsible for the minor throughout the Competition. If the adult is not one of the applicant's parents, a signed parental authorization must be attached to the application form.

16. All candidates taking part in the Semi-Final will receive a semi-finalist diploma at the end of their performance.

17. The Competition management reserves the right to request additional information from any candidate.

18. Candidates may change their Semi-Final and Final programmes up to 1 May 2024.

19. The timing of each work is compulsory.

20. The jury reserves the right to shorten a candidate's performance if the time allowed for the round is exceeded.

21. The jury is made up of musicians of international renown: concert pianists, teachers, conductors, artistic agents, producers, etc.

22. Students currently studying or who have studied in 2023 in the class of a member of the jury will not be able to take part in the 2024 edition of the competition. This does not apply to former students (before 2023).

23. The names of the candidate's teachers are not mentioned in the program for the jury.

24. The jury has sole authority to decide whether or not to award the prizes, with the exception of the Audience Prize.

25. The Jury's decisions are final.

26. In the event of equality, the Jury will hold a second vote and the Chairman of the Jury may exercise his right to "double vote".

27. The Jury's vote is transparent, displayed and visible to all.

28. All rounds are open to the public, subject to availability.

29. In the event of withdrawal, candidates are asked to inform the Competition management by e-mail at : with a copy to

30. The performance of a work from memory is compulsory, except for contemporary works, provided that the candidate's request is accepted by the artistic director of the Competition. This request must be sent by e-mail to

31. Candidates may include in their Semi-Final or Final-Recital programs one of the works they recorded for the 1st round.

32. Participants are solely responsible for visa applications; a letter of invitation to the Competition may be provided on request. The visa application must be sent to the relevant consulate.

33. The GPIPL association, which is organising the competition, has "Civil Liability" insurance to cover costs in the event of incidents or accidents occurring to participants during the competition period, but this insurance does not cover parents or accompanying persons under any circumstances. Candidates are advised to check their personal insurance policy and that of accompanying persons in order to cover risks outside the Competition.

34. Candidates are required to make themselves available for any interview, video or promotional meeting related to the competition. All finalists must attend the Gala Evening and the awards ceremony.

35. Candidates transfer to the Competition organiser all filming, broadcasting and recording rights of all kinds for an indefinite period during the Competition. Candidates consent to the subsequent use of recordings of their performances. Participation in the Competition constitutes the agreement of all the candidates.

36. A copy of the recording may be given to candidates who have provided a USB key with a minimum capacity of 16 GB.

37. By submitting their registration, candidates agree to the rules of the Competition.

38. Failure to comply with one or more of these rules will result in disqualification. This decision may not be appealed.

39. In the event of differences between the translations, only the French version of the Rules will be deemed authentic.

40. The winners (4th-5th-6th prize) who did not obtain the 1st-2nd and 3rd prize in previous editions can reapply by registering for the competition and will be entitled to move directly to the semi-final without send video for the 1st online round.

41. These rules may be amended without prior notice.

Planning - 2022

Candidates from all over the world, aged between 17 and 35, will compete for the 2022 edition. The course of the event will be structured in three phases.

1) Before Thursday April 1, 2022 for the 1st round, the candidates sent their registration file including the recording on YouTube link of a virtuoso study and an original work by JS Bach, completed by works by their choice. Total of 15 to 20 minutes maximum. The results of this first round will be published on April 7.

2) At the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Lyon (4, montée Cardinal Decourtray - Lyon 5th)

July 4: - 2.p.m.: reception of the candidates of the 13th International Piano Competition of Lyon
- 7.30 p.m. .: The Opening concert given by Yuri Bogdanov, President of the Jury, in the Debussy room

July 5 - 6: -9 a.m. to 7 p.m.: Semi-final Salle Debussy. The successful candidates propose their program (from 22 to 25 minutes) which can use one of the works recorded for the first round

July 7: -9 a.m. to 4 p.m.: The Final-Recital:
The 8 selected candidates will present a free program of 45-55 minutes including obligatorily one work of Alexandre Scriabin, the mandatory work Sonata for piano in A minor Alexey Shor and the 1st movement of the concerto that the candidate has chosen for his performance, (among the list of concertos proposed by Artistic Direction of competition). For this test, the candidate will be accompanied on the second piano by a professional accompanist - Mr. Nobuyoshi Shima or M. Pavel Kachnov, laureat of the first prize of the 2017 edition of the Lyon international piano contest.

-4pm to 4.45pm: Deliberations and announcement of the three winners for the Gala evening the next day

-6pm: The concert given by the Artistic Directors of the Lyon International Competition, Yolande Kouznetsov and Svetlana Eganian and by a Spanish candidate of the Maria Canals competition in Barcelona as part of a partnership between the two Competitions

3) At the Lyon Labor Exchange – Albert Thomas hall (205 Place Guichard - Lyon 3ème)

July 8: - 7:30 p.m. .: La Finale-concerto
-The Gala evening during which the three winners selected the day before play the full concerto they prepared, accompanied by the BRYANSK Governorate Symphony Orchestra under the direction of Edward Ambartsumyan or accompanied on the 2nd piano by Nobuyoshi Shima (or Pavel Kachnov)

-Voting for the “Audience Award”. The public vote is transparent, displayed and visible to all.

-The Jury's deliberation with an equally transparent vote, announced on stage. During this final deliberation, singer Chrystelle Di Marco-Soccoja will perform.

-The Award ceremony and the closing cocktail reserved for VIPs, members of the jury, host families and candidates.

Jury 2024

Welcome by the Founder

I would like to welcome our jury members, all of them distinguished musicians, who take on a great responsibility. They gather for this task, which is so delicate, with the experience of having run international competitions in their own countries. However difficult, this task brings moments of pure delight to all of us, who are passionate about discovering new musical talents.
- Svetlana Eganian, Founder & Artistic Director

President of the jury

MŪZA RUBACKYTĖ (France Lituanie)

From Liszt's 24 studies to Shostakovich's 24 preludes and fugues, from the complete Years of Pilgrimage to the piano work of Čiurlionis, MŪZA meets all challenges with elegance and commitment
Mūza was born in Lithuania and lives between Paris, Vilnius and Geneva. After her studies at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow, she won the famous All Union competition in Saint Petersburg intended to elect the best musicians in the USSR, then the Grand Prize of the Budapest Liszt-Bartók international piano competition. Mūza joined the Lithuanian resistance, which led to her being deprived of a passport until 1989. Upon her arrival in Paris, she won first prize in piano in the international competition Les Grands Maîtres Français of the Association Triptyque. His international career leads him to play in recitals and concertos on stages and for major festivals in France and on the five continents where his path crosses great conductors and renowned orchestras. The composer K. Penderecki regularly invited her to perform his piano concerto Resurrection, a poignant work in tribute to the victims of September 11. Mūza is frequently called upon as a member of juries for the most popular competitions and provides international teaching. In Lithuania she received prestigious distinctions including the Legion of Honor for the promotion of her country in the world or the Grand Cross of Commander of the Order of Vytautas the Great for services rendered to the State. The Hungarian Ministry of Culture awarded her the Pro Cultura Hungarica prize and she chaired the Lithuanian Liszt LISZtuania Society. In 2009 Mūza created the Vilnius International Piano Festival of which she is artistic director. For this achievement, the City of Vilnius honors him with its highest decoration: the Saint Christopher for best cultural event. The next edition will be held in November 2023. In 2020/22 Mūza would like to pay tribute, on stage and on record, to his compatriot the pianist and composer Léopold Godowsky, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth near Vilnius. In the 20th century many “Litvak” (Lithuanian Jews) experienced exile, like Godowsky, who died in New York in 1938. Mūza’s repertoire spans more than forty programs in recital, concerto with orchestra or chamber music. His discography, which includes more than thirty-five titles, is regularly enriched: Years of Pilgrimage and Concert Studies by Liszt (Lyrinx), 24 preludes and fugues by Shostakovich (Brilliant Classics), concertos for piano and orchestra by Beethoven, Liszt, Shostakovich , Prokofiev, Schnittke, Saint-Saëns, Bartok, Liszt, Schubert/Liszt, Brahms for the Great Lithuanian live recordings series (Doron), Concerto No. 4 by Beethoven chamber version, works for solo piano by Louis Vierne (2015) then with string quartet and voice (2016, Brilliant Classics). Since 2017, she has recorded Julius Reubke's Sonatas for piano and organ with Olivier Vernet for the Ligia label, then, with the Mettis Quartet, a tribute to Shostakovich and Weinberg entitled “Dramatic Russian Legacy”. In 2020, Mūza would like to pay tribute to his compatriot Léopold Godowsky, both on stage and on record, on the occasion of the 150th anniversary of his birth near Vilnius. This disc, which also includes Preludes by Karol Szymanowsky, received numerous distinctions including: Télérama ffff, Diapason d’Or, Clas¬sica 5 *****. It is followed by this second volume for which the pianist invites the Russian violinist Dmitri Makhtin to join her in a duo. A Lisztian at heart, she has just won the 41st Grand Prix of the Liszt Society of Budapest for her disc From Waltz to the Abyss Schubert / Liszt (Lyrinx). LEARN MORE AT:

International Jury

Svetlana Eganian (France)

Svetlana Eganian trained at the Higher Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow with prestigious teachers such as Bella Davidovitch and Zinaïda Ignatieva, disciple of Samuel Feinberg, contemporary and friend of Alexander Scriabin. Winner of four first prizes (Soloist-Concertist, Chamber Player, Pedagogue, and Accompanist-Partner of Opera Singers) awarded by a jury composed of eminent members of the Russian School: Tatiana Nicolaeva, Dmitri Bashkirov, Evgueni Malinin, Lev Naoumov and Sergeÿ Dorenski, she moved to France and since 1981, has taught at the CNSMD in Lyon.

Philippe Raskin (Belgique)

The interpretations of Belgian pianist Philippe Raskin are described as “generous and committed” (MDM-La libre Belgique). His playing shows “impressive confidence” (JK, Mundo Classico). He studied at the Queen Elizabeth Royal Music Chapel in Brussels and at the Escuela Superior de Musica Reina Sofia in Madrid, with teachers such as Jean-Claude Van den Eynden, Dmitri Bashkirov and Emanuel Krasovsky. Winner of several international competitions such as the Lyon International Piano Competition or the “Spanish Composers” in Madrid, he is regularly invited to play as a soloist or with an orchestra. He is also Founder and Artistic Director of the “César Franck International Piano Competition” in Brussels.

Andrea Turini (ITALIE)

Andrea Turini studied at the Conservatory “A. Boito” in Parma, where he graduated in piano performance under the tuition of Professor Anna Maria Menicatti. He then attended the course of chamber music at the Ecole Normale de Paris getting a master degree with top grades and deserving a special jury mention. He improved his qualifications under the guidance of internationally renowned musicians such as Kostantin Bogino and Humberto Quagliata. He won various national and international piano competitions, among which the most significant are the first prize at the 7th international competition “Citta di Roma” and at the 11th international competition “Ibla Grand Prize” where he was also awarded a special mention for the best interpretation of Bach and Ravel. He has made a brilliant career performing in the main Italian cities as well as in Spain, France, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, Serbia, Montenegro, Holland, Israel, Austria, Portugal, Norway, USA, Macedonia e Polonia. He has held concerts in prestigious venues such as Carnegie Hall in New York, Auditorium RAI in Rome, Teatro Donizetti in Bergamo, Teatro Bibiena in Mantova, National Auditorium in Madrid, Teatro Municipal Rosalia de Castro in La Coruna, Salle A. Cortot in Paris… He was invited by influential concert organizations to take part in important chamber music Festivals in Italy (Teatro Verdi in Trieste, Estate fiesolana, Teatro Ghione in Rome) as well as abroad (Bruxelles, Salzburg, Amsterdam, Bergen , Girona, Tenerife, Las Palmas, Vigo, Lisboa, Kotor, Berlin, Dresden, Frankfurt, Tel Aviv, Little Rock …). Besides his soloist repertoire, he plays in various ensembles. He also performs in Orchestras. The most significant collaborations are with “Orchestra Musici Aurei” Conductor L. Piovano; “Orchestra Camera Fiorentina” Conductor G. Lanzetta; “Orchestra Sinfonica di Sanremo” Conductor N. Lalov; “Strings Orchestra Asolana Malipiero” Conductor V. Favero; “Orquestra de Camera de Cascais e Oeiras” Conductor L. Alves; Orchestra il COntrappunto Conductor M. Caldi. He has made TV recordings for the Italian Television RAI Uno and the Yugoslavian Television, radio recordings for the three Italian RAI channels, the Vatican Radio, Radio Nacional de Espana and the Yugoslavian Radio. Moreover he has recorded CDs with music of Bach, Brahms , Rachmaninoff and Ravel. Highly appreciated teacher, he is often invited all over Italy to hold master classes and piano performance courses. Many of his students are winners in national and international competitions. He is piano teacher at the Conservatory “Gioacchino Rossini” in Pesaro and he is Department Coordinator of Keyboard and Percussion Instruments and member of the Academic Council. He is the artistic director of the Accademia Musicale Valdarnese and International Piano Competition Humberto Quagliata Città di San Giovanni Valdarno

Mario Coppola (Italie)

From a very young age he studied at the prestigious Neapolitan school of Paolo Denza and studied with Marisa Carretta, Sergio Fiorentino and Aldo Ciccolini. Later he took lessons with Oxana Yablonskaya, Paul Badura Skoda, Andrzey Jasinsky, Ludwig Hofmann, Dario De Rosa and chamber music with Bruno Canino. He won 2nd Prize (1st not awarded) at the “Grand Prix D. Milhaud” Competition in Paris in 1999. Finalist and winner of numerous international competitions including the 5th edition of the “Trio Trieste” International Chamber Music Competition where he was the only Italian finalist. In 2000, in Potenza, he won first prize in piano-violin duo and first prize in the “Lucus Prize” chamber music competition also recorded for the RAI channel. In 1996, in a piano duo with pianist Alessandra Aina, he was an absolute winner at the international competition “Riviera del Conero”. In 2004 and 2005 he was invited to Ravello by the Music Society and performed Beethoven's 32 Sonatas in eight recitals at Villa Rufolo. He also performed in concert in Venice at the La Fenice Theater, in Pavia at the Fraschini Theater, in Sannazzaro, at the Marsala Theater, in Potenza, at the Barcelona Music Palace, at the Mozart Hall in Salisbourg, at the Solemnity Hall in Helsinki, Paris, Cologne, Koblenz, Brussels. His concerts as a soloist with orchestra have focused in particular on Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Brahms, with the “Carlo Coccia” Synphonic Orchestra of Novara, the Magenta Theater Synphonic Orchestra, the Kiev Synphonic Orchestra, the Mihail de Bacau Orchestra. In May 2011, he performed in Rome at the Quirinal Palace, Paolina Chapelle, for Radio 3 during an on-air European Broadcast and received the EBU prize. He is Professor of the main piano instrument at the Higher Conservatory of Music of Novara (Italy). A refined pianist with a warm sound as can be found today. (Bruno Canino) Technically better and better... balanced musicality, without doubt I would recommend it. (Sergio Fiorentino) Very beautiful nature, an exceptional talent. (Aldo Ciccolini) His Haydn Sonata in E minor features subtle phrasing and a lyrical musical tone. (Paul Badura Skoda) With the Brahms Sonata Opus 100 the pianist has a unique sound of unique beauty and absolute control. (Dino Villatico, La Repubblica) The Obermann Valley (Switzerland) of Listz was memorable. The Encore, Chopin Prélude in E minor was moving. I would like to know the opinions of other people at the concert, if they are in contact with this wonderful pianist. I would like to thank him for this moving evening. (Stuart Holder, Brisbane, Australia).

Krystian Tkaczewski (USA – POLOGNE)

Hailed as “Polish Virtuoso,” Krystian Tkaczewski is pursuing his splendid piano career in USA, Asia and Europe. Krystian has concertized on five continents and 34 countries, including such venues as: Carnegie Hall, Hong Kong City Hall and Hong Tail Hall in Xiamen. In 2014, Krystian Tkaczewski received Doctor of Musical Arts degree from The Hartt School, University of Hartford in the studio of professor Oxana Yablonskaya. Krystian was also awarded The Honor Regents Award, for the best graduating doctoral candidate of the Hartt School and prestigious induction to Pi Kappa Lambda Music Honor Society. Krystian has been a laureate of over 25 international piano competitions in such countries as: Greece, Italy, Spain, Macedonia,Czech Republic and USA. Krystian is also highly regarded as the clinician, serving as a guest artist to the Universities and as the lecturer of many master classes in such countries as: USA, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Vietnam, Japan, Indonesia, China and Poland. Krystian is a founder and artistic director of Chopin International Piano Competition in Hartford and the artistic director of Connecticut Chopin Foundation. Krystian Tkaczewski became a new artistic director of International Chopin Festival “Lato z Chopinem” – Barbara Hesse Bukowska in memoriam in 2014, as nominated by deceased Barbara Hesse- Bukowska. Krystian has been also a founder and artistic director of Paderewski International Piano Competition in Farmington, CT, Krystian Tkaczewski International Piano Competition in Busko-Zdroj, Poland, Future Stars International Piano Competition and Krogulski International Piano Competition and International Festival Ambassador of Tarnow Maestro Krystian Tkaczewski and his Guests. Since 2021, Dr. Tkaczewski has been an Co-founder and Artistic Director of New Age Owls Music Academy in Singapore. Dr. Tkaczewski has been frequently invited to adjudicate at international piano competitions to mention a few: Rosario Marciano Piano Competition in Vienna, Osaka International Music Competition, American Liszt Piano Competition in Los Angeles , San Jose International Piano Competition, Princess Lalla Meryem International Piano Competition in Rabat, International Chopin Competition of Asia in Tokyo, Teresa Carreno Master International Piano Competition.


Vanesa Kleva is the Piano Loop Festival and Piano Loop Academy founder and director since 2014. She is also an artistic and executive director of the Concert hall "Hrvatski dom Split" in Split, Croatia. She was born in 1982. and started playing piano at the age of 6. She completed her studies at the Music Academy UMAS in Split, after spending short time as a gast Studentin at the Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Frankfurt am Main. Over the years she studdied with numerous professors: R.Kerrer, L.Natochenny, I.Lazko, L.Baranyay, R.Gubaidullin, O.Cinkoburova, P.Eicher and many others. Soon upon starting her job at the Music School Josip Hatze in Split as a piano teacher and piano accompanist at the Music Academy UMAS in Split she established Piano projekt Association and Piano Loop Festival and Academy which hosted numerous pianists and piano master classes since 2010 (I.Pogorelić, M.Pletnev, N.Lugansky, D.Shishkin, A.Volodos, L.Natochenny, N.Trull, A.Frolich, K.Gekić, I.Lazko, R.Dalibaltayan, H.Sumino, A.Beisembayev, A.Pompa-Baldi, Y.Martynov, L.Vondracek, G.Filipec, I.Krpan, A.Jurinić). She has been a jury member of the Mozarte International Piano Competition in Aachen, Maria Herrero Piano Competition in Granada, Ferrol Piano Competition, Cesar Franck Piano Competition in Brussels and Piano Loop Competition in Split. She has been a member of the Croatian National Theater Split Arts council member from 2008.-2010. And the president of the City of Split council for Music and Theatre. She participated in several conferences: HAZU, 2018. and „4.Alumni club” of the Music Department of Music Academy Split, UMAS-a in 2019., "From Dante to the present day". In 2006. she enrolled in Filosofska Fakulteta Universe v Ljubljani, the Master degree in Psychology of Music and in 2020 she started interdisciplinary PhD studdies at the University of Split in the field of Music and Art History.

Alvaro Teixeira Lopes (Portugal)

Born in Porto, he completed his “Advanced piano course” at the Porto Conservatory in 1981. He studied with Isabel Rocha and Helena Sà e Costa, then at the National Conservatory of Lisbon with Jorge Moyano. A scholarship holder from the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Austrian Government and the Secretary of State for Culture, he continued his studies in Wien and then in Paris. He wins numerous awards and enjoys a long national and international career as a soloist and chamber musician. He is often invited to play at the biggest festivals in Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Malta, Spain and Great Britain. Brittany. He directs the “Santa Cecilia International Piano Competition” in Porto, Portugal, which will celebrate its 22nd edition in 2020.


Host family (free of charges)

After you have succeeded the first round online, you have the opportunity to stay at host family in Lyon. Please contact (copy
The applicant will be host according to availability.


- Auberge de jeunesse HI (hostelling international)
41 montée Chemin neuf, 69005 Lyon
+33 (0)4 78 15 05 50

- Centre international de séjour de Lyon (international youth hostel of Lyon)
103 Bd des Etats Unis, 69008 Lyon
+33 (0)4 37 90 42 42

Email registration

Instructions :
1) Download the application form
2) Follow the instructions mentioned inside the application form
3) Send your application at :
4) You can pay with the paypal button below or by any way mentionned in application form or in rules. Please specify the name of the candidate in your proof of payment.

Online registration

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Our team

Svetlana EGANIAN

President and artistic director - general organisation


Co-director - practice rooms scheduling - candidates presentation to the jury


Vice president


Treasurer and technical and audiovisual management

Françoise CHAILLOL

Financial director and accountant

André Cuerq

General secretary - Logistic and organisation - general ressources management - safety management

Jacqueline CHEVALIER

Secretary in charge of communication and of the relashionship with festivals and medias

Christian RORDORF

Audio recording


Host families management


Programs formatting and redaction


Action Mécénat


Arriving in France in 2022, Alla Marmeladova first developed her artistic activities in Ukraine, in Odessa. She founded the impro-content studio there, and participated in numerous events and festivals, as a photographer, videographer and artistic director. Following the war in Ukraine, she arrived in Châteauvillain, in Haute-Marne (52) and gradually rebuilt her life, her friendships, and her artistic activities. In 2022 upon her arrival, Lala participated in the Maison Laurentine summer exhibition and was able to help with videos and video installations. She collaborates with the artist Lidwine Prolonge, also based in Châteauvillain. Since November 2023 she has worked as an artist-author, in order to continue to develop her activities professionally. Alla will be the videographer of the Lyon International Piano Festival & Competition from July 2 to 6, 2024


They support us...

Competition program - Warning: please read carefully the rules section 10 to 12.

First round online (deadline April 1st midnight 2024 - see rules) :
Free program of 15 to 20 minutes maximum, necessarily including an original work by J.S. Bach and a virtuoso study. The program can be completed by one or more works of the candidate's choice.

Semi-Final ( July 3-4th 2024 ) :
Free program of 22-25 minutes that can contain a work of the 1st round.

Final recital ( July 5th 2024 ) :
Free program of 40-45 minutes, composed of works different from the previous rounds, necessarily including one or more works by Spanish composer and the 1st movement of the concerto that the candidate has chosen for his performance in the list of concertos proposed for the year 2024 (see below).

Final Concerto ( July 6th 2024 ) :
The concerto choosen by the candidate played entirely. (See the list of concertos below).


Candidates can choose one of the following works for their Final:

J.S.Bach concerto in D minor BWV 1052

J.S.Bach concerto in F minor BWV 1056

J.S.Bach concerto in A major BWV 1055

W.A.Mozart concerto n°23 K488 in A major 

L.V.Beethoven concerto op.15 n°1 in C major

L.V.Beethoven concerto op.37 n°3 in C minor

F.Chopin concerto op.11 n°1 in E minor

F.Chopin concerto op.21 n°2 in F minor

Nobuyoshi SHIMA - Pianist and accompanist of the contest

Nobuyoshi SHIMA, pianist accompanist Graduated in master's degree in composition at the National University of Fine Arts and Music of Tokyo, and accompaniment at the CNSMD of Lyon, Nobuyoshi SHIMA is a composer, pianist, accompanist at the CNSMD of Lyon, singing director at the Pôle Lyrique d'Excellence and the Centre de la voix Rhône-Alpes, writer-translator at Nihongakufu-Shuppansha (music publishing company Tokyo). He is also often solicited as a pianist or vocal conductor at the Opéra National de Lyon, the Opéra de Saint-Etienne, the Orchestre National de Lyon, the Orchestre d'Auvergne, the Concours international de chant lyrique de Mâcon, the Institut "Steminstituut Nederland" in Haarlem (Netherlands), several festivals, academies and masterclasses. He has been official accompanist of the Lyon International Piano Competition since 2018.

Ensemble « Les Virtuoses »

Vadim Tchijik, violon solo et direction

L’ensemble « Les Virtuoses » a été créé en 2011 par le violoniste Vadim Tchijik. C’est une formation à cordes constituée de musiciens concertistes de très haut niveau. Depuis sa création, l’ensemble donne de nombreux concerts et participe à des festivals en France et à l’étranger : Festival International de Musique d’Hyères, Auvers sur Oise, Nancyphonies, Jeudis Musicaux à Royan, Richelieu, L’Eure Poétique et Musicale, Prima La Musica à Vincennes, Musée de Grenoble, Les Musicales de Saint-Martin, Les Heures Musicales de Binic, Automne Musical de Taverny…

L’effectif de l’ensemble permet d’aborder un répertoire varié allant de la musique baroque à nos jours. L’ensemble se produit aux cotés des solistes comme Anne Queffélec, Marielle Nordmann, Thierry Caëns et Philippe Bernold, mais aussi avec la comédienne Fanny Cottençon. Ses concerts reçoivent toujours le meilleur accueil du public et de la presse dans le monde entier.

Un CD consacré aux Quatre Saisons de Vivaldi paraîtra chez « NovAntiqua Records » en 2023

List of 2024 concertos

J.S.Bach concerto in D minor BWV 1052

J.S.Bach concerto in F minor BWV 1056

J.S.Bach concerto in A major BWV 1055

W.A.Mozart concerto n°23 K488 in A major 

L.V.Beethoven concerto op.15 n°1 in C major

L.V.Beethoven concerto op.37 n°3 in C minor

F.Chopin concerto op.11 n°1 in E minor

F.Chopin concerto op.21 n°2 in F minor

Awards granted for 2022 edition

1st award - 5000€

2nd award - 2500€

3rd award - 1500€ - Offered by Madam Geneviève Baud

4th award - 750€ - Jean-Paul Sevilla prize (French pianist and concertist)

5th award - 500€ - Offered by Offert par Jacqueline Chevalier et André Cuerq

6th award - 300€ - Offered by Offert par Jérôme Brossette

Public award : gift

Alexandre Scriabine prize : 300€ - Prize Svetlana Eganian

Special prize for the best interpretation of Alexey Shor's sonata for piano in A minor (arr. by Mikhail Pletnev): 2000 €

2023 Edition

Winners 2023

1rst prize - YAGI Daisuke
2nd prize - MUN Arsenii
3rd prize - NARYSHKIN Pjotr

4th prize - UKOLOV German
5th prize ex aequo - SCHUTZ Bella
5th prize ex aequo - KARAKULIDI Simon
7th prize - HOU Yixiang
8th prize - AUMILLER Jakob
Merit diploma - PECNIK Mia

Public prize - MUN Arsenii

Prize for the best interpretation of the spanish masterpiece - UKOLOV German

2023 Jury

President : Andreas Frölich (Allemagne) Svetlana Eganian (France) Robert Andres (Croatie-Portugal) Carles Lama (Espagne) Vincenzo Balzani (Italie) Philippe Raskin (Belgique) Alvaro Teixeira Lopes (Portugal) Dorian Leljak (Serbie/Croatie)

2023 Accompanists:

Nobuyoshi Shima (Japon)

Merit diploma

N°33 NAKAMURA Yoshimi
N°31 DEPPE Benois
N°22 DOLYA Timofey
N°15 SAHARA Hikari
N°21 ZHENG Ruishi Rosé
N°23 SHIN Jeehye
N°42 HEO Danbi
N°1 KIM Ye-Eun
N°30 KIMURA Yurika
N°10 KIM Minjin

Semi-Finalists 2023 (In alphabetical order)

Aumiller Jakob - Germany
Bouvery Clément - France
Chanyeon Jung - South Korea
Cuevas Matias Nestor - Chile - USA
Daisuke Yagi - Japan
Deppe Benoit - France
Diaconu Ionut - Romania
Dolya Timofey - Russia
Dragos Cristiana - Romania
Fukuda Yuka - Japan
Glicklich Samuel - USA
Heo Danbi - South Korea
Hou Yixiang - China
Hsu Curtis Phill - USA - Taiwan
Ito Yuki - Japan
Karakulidi Simon - Greece - USA
Kim Minjin - South Korea
Kim Ye-Eun - South Korea
Kimura Yurika - Japan
Kuroda Teppei - Japan
Kuroiwa Koki - Japan
Li Binghao - China
Liu Tom - USA
Macovei Stefan - Romania
Masuda Tatsuto - Japan
Mizuno Kaisei - Japan
Mun Arsenii - Russia
Nakamura Yoshimi - Japan
Naryshkin Pjotr - Czech Republic
Oh Yugyeong - South Korea
Pecnik Mia - Croatia
Perovic Vladana - Montenegro
Sahara Hikari - Japan
Schütz Bella - France
Seo Seungeun - South Korea
Shimozato Takeshi - Japan
Shin Jeehye - South Korea
Sim Seungyeop - South Korea
Sohn A Jin - South Korea
Streicher Tabea - Germany - Hungaria
Szwajkowski Edwin - Lithuania - Poland
Ukolov German - Russia
Zheng Ruishi Rosé - China

2023 1st round candidates (In alphabetical order)

Akatsuka Kyoko - Japan
Alinea Abraham - USA
Ando Risa - Japan
Arizono Miku - Japan
Aumiller Jakob - Germany
Bouvery Clément - France
Chanyeon Jung - South Korea
Chen Yu-Hsien - Taiwan
Cuevas Matias Nestor - Chile - USA
Daisuke Yagi - Japan
Denisov Aleksandr - Russia - Israël
Deppe Benoit - France
Diaconu Ionut - Romania
Dolya Timofey - Russia
Dragos Cristiana - Romania
Dugué Louis - France
Eris Cansu Naz - Turkey
Fukuda Yuka - Japan
Furutani Karin - Japan
Glicklich Samuel - USA
Guo Yimao - China
Heo Danbi - Croatia
Hioki Hitomi - Japan
HO Chia-Huan - Taiwan
Hou Yixiang - China
Hsu Curtis Phill - USA - Taiwan
Huang Rung-Jiuan - Taiwan
Ikeda Rina - Japan
Ishii Rika - Japan
Ito Yuki - Japan
Karakulidi Simon - Greece - USA
Kim Minjin - South Korea
Kim Ye-Eun - South Korea
Kim Hyunji - South Korea
Kim Nasung - South Korea
Kim Jimin - South Korea
Kim Nayeon - South Korea
Kim Inhan - South Korea
Kim Jiwon - South Korea
Kimura Yurika - Japan
Koketsu Kenta - Japan
Kuroda Teppei - Japan
Kuroiwa Koki - Japan
Kustas Maria - Russia
Kuzin Vladimir - Russia
Laporte Antoine - Canada
Lee Jongmin - South Korea
Lee Yunrim - South Korea
Lee Hyunjung - South Korea
Li Binghao - China
Li Chengzhe - China
Lingbo Zhang - China
Liu Tom - USA
Macovei Stefan - Romania
Masuda Tatsuto - Japan
Miyamoto Kana - Japan
Mizuno KAISEI - Japan
Mun Arsenii - Russia
Nakamura Yoshimi - Japan
Nakayama Akie - Japan
Naryshkin Pjotr - Czech Republic
Nguyen Hao Quang - Viêt-nam
Oh Yugyeong - South Korea
Oh Taehyeon - South Korea
Okui Rizumu - Japan
Park Chaewon - South Korea
Pecnik Mia - Croatia
Perovic Vladana - Montenegro
Sahara Hikari - Japan
Saito Rina - Japan
Sakamoto Mai - Japan
Schütz Bella - France
Seo Seungeun - South Korea
Shimozato Takeshi - Japan
Shin Jeehye - South Korea
Sim Seungyeop - South Korea
Sohn A Jin - South Korea
Streicher Tabea - Germany - Hungaria
Szwajkowski Edwin - Lithuania - Poland
Tozlian Seiran - USA - Armenia
Tsuchiya Mitsuhisa - Japan
Tsukada Shogo - Japan
Ukolov German - Russia
Yanyushkina Elizaveta - Russia
Yokoi Maina - Japan
Zheng Ruishi Rosé - China
Zijian Li - China

2022 Edition

1st prize - Leshkin Andreï Russia
2nd prize - Wu Junlin China
3rd prize - Kim Sangwon Corea
4th prize - Wu Natasha USA/Taïwan
5th prize - Doutney Dominic United Kingdom

The 5 winners have obtained the voucher for participating to the Dubaï competition in 2024.

The 14 ways to Dubai 2024

6th prize - Lin Peng China
7th prize - Petrosyan Tigran Armenia
8th prize - not granted
Finalist distinction award - Maurin Thibault France
prize Scriabin et prize du public- Wu Junlin China

Prize for the best interpretation of A.Shor-M.Pletnev sonata - Kim Sangwon Corea

2022 Jury

President : Youri Bogdanov (Russia)
Svetlana Eganian (France)
Giuliano Adorno (Italia)
Philippe Raskin (Belgium)
Alvaro Teixeira Lopes (Portugal)
Florian Koltun (Germany)
Paolo Francese (Italia)

2022 Accompanists

Romantic concertos: Pavel Kachnov (Ukraine)

Classical concertos : Nobuyoshi Shima (Japon)

Selected candidates for the semi final of 2022

Li Binghao - China
Gurer Izem - Turkey
Xu Rui (Mery) - China
Rivard-Landry Antoine - Canada
Funabashi Yuka - Japan
Wu Jun Lin - China
Yamakawa Mitsuru - Japan
Deppe Benoît - France
Kim Jeongjin - Korea
Lee Hyun-hee - Korea
Luo Jie - China
Hirayama Suzuha - Japan
Taniguchi Wakana - Japan
Park Hyeonki - Korea
Yamada Ayami - Japan
Redor Luc - France
Park Yeonwoo - Korea
Jeon JongWon - Korea
Takahashi Nao - Japan
Maurin Thibault - France
Petrosyan Tigran - Armenia
Ito Yuki - Japan
Ahn Ryohong - Korea
Zhao Ziji Zoé - China
Han Chiyoon - Korea
Lee Kangeun - Korea
Lee Seran - Korea
Qin Sihao - China
Vinour Antonin - France
Mazan Ilona - Russia
Reshetov Sergey - Russia
Kim Sangwon - Korea
Górska Weronika - Poland
Bon-Dansac Paisit - France
An Kieun - Korea
Kim Song-Ha - Korea
Wu Natasha - USA / Taïwan
Harvey Lin - United Kingdom
Doutney Dominic - United Kingdom
Stepanov Igor - Russia
Lin Peng - China
Osintseva Natalia - Russia
Leshkin Andrei - Russia

2022 Poster

2019 edition

1st award and public award : Yeon Min PARK - Corea

3rd award ex æquo : Hayato SUMINO - Japan

3rd award ex æquo : Salih Can GEVREK - Turkay

4th award Harrison : HERMAN - Australia

5th award Kristoffer : GYLLING - Finland

6th award Hoyel : LEE - Corea

Award À. Scriabine : Salih Can GEVREK - Turkey

Edition 2018


  1. 1st prize and public award: Elizaveta Kliuchereva - Russia
  2. 2nd prize: Konstantin Khachikyan - Russia
  3. 3rd prize: Young Sun Choi - Korea
  4. 4th prize: Kristina Zelenina - Russia
  5. 5th prize: Eunhee Baek - Korea
  6. 6th prize: Brian Le - USA. Ex-æquo
  7. 6th prize: Karlis Gunars Tirzitis - Lettonia
  8. Special prize À. Scriabin: Konstantin Khachikyan - Russia

List of proposed concertos for 2018 final

J. S. BACH - Concerto N°1 d-moll BWV 1052

J. S. BACH - Concerto N°3 D-dur BWV 1054

J. S. BACH - Concerto N°4 A-dur BWV 1055

F. CHOPIN - Concerto N°1 e-moll opus 11

F. CHOPIN - Concerto N°2 f-moll opus 21

J. HAYDN - Concerto N°11 D-dur Hob. XVIII/11

W. A. MOZART - Concerto N°12 A-dur (K 414)

W. A. MOZART - Concerto N°13 C- dur (K.415)

W. A. MOZART - Concerto N°14 Es-dur ( K. 449)

W. A. MOZART - Concerto N°23 A-dur (K 488)

F. MENDELSSOHN - Concerto a-moll pour piano et cordes

A. SCHNITTKE - Concerto pour piano et cordes (1979)

Orchestra for the great final

Chamber orchestra "La Primavera"

The chamber orchestra "La Primavera" has been created in 1989. His bandmaster and artistic director Rustem Abyazov, gave a name inspired by the painting of Boticelli known under the name "La Primavera", "the spring" in Italian.


Winners selected to play for the final with orchestra:

  1. Konstantin Khachikyan - Russia
  2. Elizaveta Kliuchereva - Russia
  3. Young Sun Choi - Korea


Candidates selected for the final:

  1. Kristina Zelenina - Russia
  2. Brian Le - USA
  3. Eunhee Baek - Korea
  4. Konstantin Khachikyan - Russia
  5. Elizaveta Kliuchereva - Russia
  6. Young Sun Choi - Korea
  7. Karlis Gunars Tirzitis - Lettonia

Semi final results

First rounds of the international piano competition of Lyon have achieved.
Just after a coktail offered by the Alink Argerich Fundation, with the presence of Mr Gustav Alink, the results of the semi finale have been pronounced by Svetlana Eganian, President and artistic director of the competition.

For this trial, we will have 12 candidates:

  1. Kristina Zelenina - Russia
  2. Yannaël Quenel - France
  3. Brian Le - USA
  4. Junichi Ito - Japan
  5. Eunhee Baek - Korea
  6. Konstantin Khachikyan - Russia
  7. Minhee Won - Korea
  8. Ryutaro Susuki - Japan
  9. Elizaveta Kliuchereva - Russia
  10. Young Sun Choi - Korea
  11. Karlis Gunars Tirzitis - Lettonia
  12. Jean Jacques Bedikian - France

List of candidates for 2018

  1. Ai ISAWA - Japan
  2. Kyoungsun PARK - South Korea
  3. Zu-An Shen - Taïwan
  4. Timothy Chiang - Australia
  5. Yuelu Cui. - China
  6. Tongtong. Zhu - China
  7. Ryutaro Suzuki. - Japan
  8. Brian Le - USA
  9. Marija Bokor - Suisse
  10. Gabriela Abrahamyan - Armenia
  11. Herman Harrison - Australia
  12. Rolando Valdes - Mexico
  13. Kaito Kobayashi - Japan
  14. Aleksandr Maltsev - Russia
  15. Ayumi Nabata - Japan
  16. Hanna Yu - South Korea
  17. Qi Kong - China
  18. Vladimir Kuzin - Russia
  19. Eunhee Baek - South Korea
  20. Saeko Miyasho - Japan
  21. Konstantin Khachikyan - Russia
  22. Yu Zhou Zhang - England
  23. An-Chi Mai - Taïwan
  24. Danilo Mascetti - Italia
  25. Yun Chih Hsu - Taïwan
  26. Kristina. Zelenina - Russia
  27. Anna Mironova - Russia
  28. Mikhail Kovalev - Russia
  29. Young Sun Choi - South Korea
  30. Shih-Wei Huang - Taïwan
  31. Xizi Zhang - China
  32. Stanislava Kucherenko - Byelorussia
  33. Jean-Selim Abdelmoula - Swiss
  34. Salih Can Gevrek - Turquey
  35. Mayuko. Obuchi. - Japan
  36. Karlis Gunars - Tirzītis Latvia
  37. Tikhon Selivanov - Russia
  38. Jean-Jacques. Bedikian - France
  39. Igor. Stepanov - Russia
  40. Joon. Yoon - South Korea
  41. Ruben Kozin. - Russia
  42. Minhee. Won. - South Korea
  43. Junichi. Ito - Japan
  44. Sangwon Lee. - South Korea
  45. Yannaël. Quenel - France
  46. Elizaveta. Kliuchereva - Russia
  47. Justin Joon-Kee Min - Canada

  • 2017

    1er prix et prix du public Pavel Kachnov (Ukraine)
    2ème prix Daniil Kazakov (Russia)
    3ème prix Shogher Hovhannisyan (Armenia)
    Prix Scriabine Junichi Ito (Japan)


    1er prix Leonel Morales-Herrero (Spain)
    2ème prix Caterina Grewe (Germany)
    3ème prix et prix du public : Bruno Vlahek (Croatia)
    Prix Scriabine : Artavazd Hambaryan (Armenia)


    1er prix et prix du public Wataru Hisasue (Japan)
    2ème prix et prix Scriabine Ronaldo Rolim (Brazil)
    3ème prix Yeontaek Oh (Korea)


    1er prix Pavel Yeletskiy (Byelorussia)
    2ème prix et prix du public Min-Jun Kim (Korea)
    3ème prix ex aequo Igor Andreev (Russia)
    3ème prix ex aequo Jin Ishimura (Japan)


    1er prix Evgeny Starodubtsev (Russia)
    2ème prix et prix du public Alexander Yakovlev (Russia)
    3ème prix Jean-Paul Gasparian (France)


    1er prix Alessandro Tardino (Italia)
    2ème prix Philippe Raskin (Belgium)
    3ème prix et prix du public Anna Fedorova (Ukraine)


    1er prix Akihiro Sakiyia (Japan)
    2ème prix Yedam Kim (Korea)
    3ème prix et prix du public Fiorenzo Pascalucci (Italia)


    1er prix Dan Zuili (Israel)
    2ème prix ex æquo Rena Yoshihara (Japan)
    2ème prix ex aequo et Prix du public Damien Bossy (Belgium)
    3ème prix ex æquo Yuka Fujii (Japan)
    3ème prix ex æquo Nicolas Horvath (Monaco)


    1er prix Jean-Vianney Zenati (France)
    2ème prix Jahana Chiharu (Japan)
    3ème prix Lin Chia-Hung (Taiwan)
    Prix du public Jahana Chiharu (Japan)

    Jury over time


    Vincenzo BALZANI (Italia, president of the jury)
    Nicolas HORVATH (Monaco-France)
    Philippe RASKIN (Belgium)
    Albert MAMRIEV (Israel)
    Edward AMBARTSUMYAN (Armenia) Yuri BOGDANOV (Russia)
    Svetlana EGANIAN (France)


    Dmitri BASHKIROV (Russia, president of the jury)
    Michele DELLA VENTURA (Italia)
    Nigara AKCHMEDOVA (Uzbekistan, Russia)
    AMRIEV (Israel)
    Eduard AMBARTSUMYAN (Armenia)
    Philippe RASKIN (Belgium)
    Svetlana EGANIAN (France)


    Marie-Catherine GIROD (France, president of the jury)
    Vincenzo BALZANI (Italia)
    Tatiana ZELIKMAN (Russia)
    Albert MAMRIEV (Israel)
    Philippe RASKIN (Belgium)
    Gilead MISHORY (Germany)
    Svetlana EGANIAN (France)


    Michel DALBERTO (France, president of the jury)
    Akemi YAMAMOTO-ALINK (Japan / Dutch)
    Alain LOMPECH (France)
    Elena ROSANOVA (Russia)
    Philippe RASKIN (Belgium)
    Svetlana EGANIAN (France)
    Thomas HERBUT (Pologne)


    Christian IVALDI (France, president of the jury)
    Philip de la CROIX (France)
    François-Frédérique GUY (France)
    Alain JACQUON (France)
    Vincenzo BALZANI (Italia)
    Gilead MISHORY (Germany)
    Svetlana EGANIAN (France)


    Jacques ROUVIER (France, president of the jury)
    Christian IVALDI (France)
    Hervé N'KAOUA (France)
    Muza RUBACKYTE (Lituania)
    Serguei MILSTEIN (Russia)
    Luba AROUTIOUNIAN (Belgium)
    Svetlana EGANIAN (France)


    Alexander PALEY (USA, president of the jury)
    Marie-Catherine GIROD (France)
    Grégory BEER (Poland)
    Serguei MILSTEIN (Russia)
    Luba AROUTIOUNIAN (Belgium)
    Yanka HEKIMOVA (Bulgaria)
    Svetlana EGANIAN (France)
    Ying Ming QIN (China)


    Svetlana EGANIAN (France, president of the jury)
    Grégory BEER (Pologne)
    Serguei MILSTEIN (Russia)
    Yanka HEKIMOVA (Bulgarie)
    Muza RUBACKYTE (Lituania, Suisse)
    Luba AROUTIOUNIAN (Belgium)
    Catherine ALEXANDRE (France)
    Prosper TEBOUL (France)


    Svetlana EGANIAN (France, president of the jury)
    Catherine ALEXANDRE (France)
    Serguei MILSTEIN (Russia)
    Tamayo IKEDA (Japan)
    Luba AROUTIOUNIAN (Belgium)

    Practical informations for 2023

    Tous les concerts auront lieu à l'adresse suivante :
    Salle Edouard Herriot - Palais de la Mutualité
    1 Pl. Antonin Jutard
    69003 - Lyon

    Tuesday July 4th 2023 at 7p.m: Opening concert
    Andreas FRÖLICH, president of 2023 jury

    Wednesday 5th and Thursday 6th of July 2023 from 9a.m to 17p.m: Semi-finals
    All choosen candidates

    Friday 7th of July 2023 from 9a.m to 4p.m: Finale recital
    The 6 choosen candidates

    Friday 7th of July at 6p.m 7: Concert performed by the artistic directors of the contest
    Svetlana Eganian et Yolande Kouznetsov

    Saturday 8th of July: public welcoming at 5.30p.m, final concerto at 6.30p.m - Gala evening with the finale concerto of the 3 winners accompagnied byt the chamber orchestra "Les Virtuoses"
    Lyrical song with Georges Wanis, Tenor, public vote – awards ceremony

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    Payment instructions

    After your online booking, you will have to follow one of the two methods described hereafter for payment.

    Bank transfert

    To the GPIPL account at following bank account number:
    Crédit mutuel
    Code IBAN : FR76 10278073120002058310119
    Crédit Mutuel – 34, rue du Wacken – Strasbourg – France.

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    Press articles and pictures

    Pictures of 2023 edition

    Video of 2022 edition

    Videos of 2021 edition

    Presentation video of the previous edition

    1st prize Mariamna SHERLING - Norway

    2nd prize Anna LEYERER - Russia

    3rd prize Ji-Hyang GWAK - South Korea

    2021 youtube channel of GPIPL

    Videos of 2019 edition

    Introduction of 2019 edition

    1st prize – Yeon Min Park

    Home video kindly granted and produced by Vadon familie who has welcomed the first prizewinner of 2019 edition.

    Videos of 2018 edition

    Introduction of 2018 edition

    1st price Elizaveta Kliuchereva

    2nd price Konstantin Khachikyan

    3rd price Young Sun Choi

    France 3 reportage

    Videos of 2015 edition

    Introduction of 2015 edition

    Videos of 2014 edition

    1st price Pavel Yeletskiy

    2nd price Min Jun Kim

    3rd price ex aequo Igor Andreev

    3rd price ex aequo Jun Ishimura

    Videos 2013 edition

    France 3 reportage

    Videos of 2011 edition

    Introduction of 2011 edition

    Poster of 2024 edition

    2024 Semi-Finalists (by alphabetical order)

    Burchuladze Rati Georgia
    Chae Jiyeon Republic of Korea
    Deng Yubo China
    Deng Shunxin China
    Dolya Timofey Russia
    Doronin Alexander Russia
    Elvira Márquez Juan Spain
    Feier Luo China
    Fujisawa Arisa Japan
    Gill Jaskeerat Singh Malaysia
    Guo Wenjia China
    Guo QingCheng China
    Gylling Kristoffer Finland
    Henke Adrian Germany
    Jeon Hyein Republic of Korea
    Ji Lyndon USA
    Karakulidi Simon USA
    Karaulova Anastasia Russia
    Kido Miyu Japan
    Kim Ye-Eun Republic of Korea
    Kim Taeeun Republic of Korea
    Lee Yu-Wei Taiwan
    Lee Seungmin Republik of Korea
    Lee Jeyu Republik of Korea
    Li Zhe China
    Lu Yinuo China
    Luo Jie China
    Marín Rayo Carlos Spain
    Murayama Asaka Japan
    Navas Padilla Noelia Spanish
    Osintseva Natasha Russia
    Otal Josquin France
    Pan Wenyuan China
    Rinaldy Caitlan Australian
    Sánchez Labrador Carmen Spanish
    Shen Zhu-An Taïwan
    Shin Hyojin Republic of Korea
    Skomorokhov Vladimir Russia
    Sun Dongyuan China
    Taniguchi Wakana Japan
    Wan Xiaoya China
    Wang Zhehao China
    Wu Zihao China
    Xinchen Wang China
    Xue Angela China/USA
    Yan Quanzhou USA
    Ye Lin China
    Yoo Taewoong Republic of Korea
    Yoon Jeong Hyun Republic of Korea
    ZHANG LIN KAI Canada

    2024 Admitted candidates to the final 'récital' (by alphabetical order)

    2024 Admitted candidates to the final 'conserto' (by alphabetical order)

    2024 Winners

    2024 First Round online candidates (in alphabetical order)

    Assanova Aliya Kazakhstan
    Burchuladze Rati Georgia
    Chae Jiyeon Republic of Korea
    Chun Yoojin Republic of Korea
    Dekalo Noam Israel
    Deng Shunxin China
    Deng Yubo China
    Dolya Timofey Russia
    Doronin Alexander Russia
    Elvira Márquez Juan Spain
    Fang Feng Belgium
    Feier Luo China
    Fujisawa Arisa Japan
    Ge Louis France
    Gill Jaskeerat Singh Malaysia
    Guo Wenjia China
    Guo QingCheng China
    Gylling Kristoffer Finland
    Henke Adrian Germany
    Heo Seojin Republic of Korea
    Hu Lan China
    IGAWA HANA Lugano
    Jeon Hyein Republic of Korea
    Ji Lyndon USA
    Jun Chen David China
    Kamiya Yuki Japan
    Karakulidi Simon USA
    Karaulova Anastasia Russia
    Kido Miyu Japan
    Kim Nahyoung Republic of Korea
    Kim Ye-Eun Republic of Korea
    Kim Taeeun Republic of Korea
    Kim Hyunju Republic of Korea
    Kim Dmitrii Russia
    Kwon Songawn Republic of Korea
    Lafont Antoine France
    Lee Ahhyun Republic of Korea
    Lee Jeyu Republic of Korea
    Lee Seulah Republic of Korea
    Lee Yu-Wei Taiwan
    Lee Seungmin Republik of Korea
    Li Zhe China
    Lu Yinuo China
    Luo Jie China
    Marín Rayo Carlos Spain
    Mata Marta Portugal
    Mazan Ilona Russia
    Murayama Asaka Japan
    Navas Padilla Noelia Spanish
    On Seokmin USA
    Osintseva Natasha Russia
    Otal Josquin France
    Pan Wenyuan China
    Rinaldy Caitlan Australian
    ROUINVY Pierre France
    Sánchez Labrador Carmen Spanish
    Shen Zhu-An Taïwan
    Shin Hyojin Republic of Korea
    Shinano Rikako JAPAN
    Skomorokhov Vladimir Russia
    Sugimoto Saori Japan
    Sun Dongyuan China
    Taniguchi Wakana Japan
    van Neerden Shane American
    Wan Xiaoya China
    Wang Zhehao China
    Wei Nen Chee Malaysia
    Wu Zihao China
    Xinchen Wang China
    Xue Angela China/USA
    Yan Quanzhou USA
    Ye Lin China
    Yoo Taewoong Republic of Korea
    Yoon Jeong Hyun Republic of Korea
    Zhang Zhiqiao China

    Prize and Awards 2024

    1 Prize - 4000€ + Laureate Diploma + Paid concert at the Festival in France/p>

    2 Prize - 2000€ + Laureate Diploma + Paid concert at the Festival in France/p>

    3 Prize - 1500€ + Laureate Diploma + Paid concert at the Festival in France/p>

    4 Prize - 750€ + Laureate Diploma + partition

    5 Prize - 500€ + Laureate Diploma + partition

    6 Prize - 300€ + Laureate Diploma + partition

    Spécial Prize Spanish music - 200€

    Audience award - Watch Yves St Laurent

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    +33 (0)4 72 09 10 01

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    Headquarter of GPIPL association - 6 rue Germain, 69006 Lyon