Rules 2018

1. The International Piano Competition of Lyon is organized by Grand Prix International de Piano de Lyon (GPIPL), a non-profit organization registered under French law as “association loi de 1901”.

2. The 10th International Piano Competition of Lyon is open to all pianists of any nationality between the age of 15 and 33.

3. The deadline for registration by postal service is May 5, 2018, the postmark being taken as proof. Online registration or by email is possible until May 8, 2018 12pm.

4. All candidates under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who will be fully responsible for the minor throughout the competition period. If the adult is not a parent of the candidate, a parent's signed authorization must be joined to the registration package.

5. The registration is done via email by sending the complete file to the address:; or by Internet on the website; or by postal service (see the Registration form). Candidates must complete the online registration form and provide the following files by May 8, 2018 12pm:

  • CV in English or French (PDF format);
  • A high definition picture, max 2 MB (JPEG format);
  • A copy of the passport (PDF format);
  • The complete program of all pieces, with playing times (PDF format);
  • Proof of registration payment (PDF format);
  • The scanned passport of parent/adult supervisor if the applicant is a minor under 18 (PDF format).

6. A registration fee of €100 is to be paid either by transfer (International Transfer) to the following bank account:
IBAN code: FR76 1027 8073 1200 0205 8310 119
Recipient: Grand Prix International Piano de Lyon
Address: Credit Mutuel
34, rue du Wacken
Strasbourg, France.
or by PayPal on the website, or by bank check (for French residents only) to the order of Grand Prix International Piano de Lyon.

7. Competition officials reserve the right to request additional information from any candidate.

8. The application will only be accepted and confirmed after receipt of the registration fee.

9. Travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the candidates. However, candidates may request, at the time of registration, to be hosted free of charge in a host family, depending on availability (See Registration form).

10. Candidates are solely responsible for their visa applications. An invitation letter to the competition can be issued upon request. Visa applications must be sent directly to the relevant French embassy or consulate.

11. The organizer (Grand Prix International de Piano de Lyon - GPIPL) is insured for accidents occurring to participants during the period of the competition, but this insurance does NOT in any case cover the parents or accompanying persons. Candidates are advised to check their personal insurance and that of accompanying persons to ensure proper coverage outside the competition.

12. All pieces must be played from memory, except for contemporary music.

13. Candidates may include in their programs the works performed in their preselection.

14. All candidates selected for the semi-final will receive a Certificate of participation.

15. Candidates have the possibility to change their program of selected pieces until May 15, 2018.

16. The timing of the works is mandatory.

17. The jury reserves the right to stop candidates’ performances if they exceed the expected playing time.

18. The jury will consist in internationally-renown professionals: concert pianists, conductors, professors, artistic agents, producers, etc. If a candidate is a pupil of a jury member, the latter may not vote for him/her.

19. The names of candidates’ teachers do not appear in the program for the jury.

20. The jury has sole responsibility to award, or not, the prizes, with the exception of the Audience Award (“Prix du public”).

21. The jury’s decisions are final.

22. In case of a tie, the vote of the chairman of the jury is deciding.

23. All events are open to the public, subject to availability.

24. In case of withdrawal, candidates are requested to notify Competition officials to the email address:

25. Competitors are required to participate to all interviews, videos, and/or promotional events of the Competition. It is mandatory for all finalists to attend the Gala Evening and Award Ceremony.

26. Competitors agree to forfeit all recording, broadcasting, distribution and resale rights of any kind to their performances at the Competition in favor of the organizer, for an unlimited period of time. They agree to release all rights regarding the future use of recordings of their performances. A copy of the recording may be given to competitors that have previously provided a USB key (4 GB minimum).

27. The registration fee will not be refunded or postponed under any circumstances.

28. Participation in the Competition constitutes acceptance by the candidate/competitor of all the rules and regulations contained herein.

29. Failure to comply with the rules or conditions of participation may result in the competitor’s disqualification.

30. Under French Law, it is illegal to use photocopies of the scores (Law of 11/3/57 Penal Code, Article 425).

31. In case of discrepancies between translations, the French version of the Rules and Regulations shall prevail.

32. The present rules and regulations may be subject to change without prior notice.