Planning - 2018

i. By Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 (12pm): Online Registration and Preselection Round. A 20-minute maximum program – sent on DVD, CD or YouTube – made of an original work by J.S. Bach and two studies at the candidate's choice.
Short-listed candidates (maximum 56) will receive by mail the running-order for the First Round.

ii. Saturday, June 30, 2018: Public Masterclasses by members of the jury. Registrations are open to all students of the Conservatoire of Lyon.
Arrivals: Candidates are expected on the eve of their First Round.

iii. Sunday, July 1st, 2018 at 5pm: Opening Concert of the 10th International Piano Competition of Lyon by members of the jury and invited artists.

iv. Monday 2 and Tuesday 3 July, 2018: First Round. Short-listed candidates will present an individual program of 15 to 18 minutes.

v. Wednesday, July 4, 2018: Semi-Final. 12 candidates will be selected to present an individual program of 22 to 25 minutes.
At the end of the 12 semi-finalists, a public concert will be performed by a jury member, followed by the announcement of the semi-final results.

vi. Thursday, July 5, 2018: Final-Recital. The 6 finalists will perform a 45-50 minute recital, including one or more pieces by Alexander Scriabin and the first movement of the chosen concerto (See 2018 list of concertos on the website, accompanied by a professional pianist on the second piano.
Masterclasses for non-finalist candidates.

vii. Friday, July 6, 2018: Final-Concerto with Orchestra (Gala Evening): The 3 selected finalists will perform their entire concerto, introduced the day before.
Gala Evening includes: Jury vote, public vote for the "Audience Award", awarding of the prizes by the sponsors, announcement of the "Coups de cœur " of the festivals, meeting with the artistic directors for the engagements of concerts, cocktail for the VIP guests, the jury members, host families and candidates.