Orchestra 2018

La Primavera

The Kazan Chamber Orchestra La Primavera was founded in 1989. The artistic director and chief conductor of the orchestra - Rustem Abyazov gave the orchestra a name, inspired by the painting of Botticelli La Primavera ("spring" – in Italian).

The orchestra's repertoire includes more than 1500 works, including large-scale works of Western European, Russian and Tatar composers, and also orchestral miniatures from baroque to jazz and rock. The orchestra has recorded 25 albums.

La Primavera is a member of many music festivals, including "Stars of White Nights", "Europe - Asia", "Siberia - Europe", "Youth Academies of Russia", "Christmas Meetings in North Palmyra", Academy of Music "New Wanderers", the Vth festival of symphonic and choral music, the festival of ancient and modern chamber music, the music festival at the Royal Palace (Sweden), the Week of music and art Yunsele (Sweden), the music Week in Halmstad (Sweden), Kammar Musik Festival (Sweden), Musik vid Dellen (Sweden), Musik vid Siljan (Sweden), the 1st International Music Festival in Volos (Greece), the XVII International Festival of symphonic music in El-Jem (Tunisia), "Abyazovfestival», Les Classiques de Villars (Switzerland), Les Sommets du Classigue (Switzerland), the Music festival "Hibla Gerzmava invites ..." (Abkhazia), the International music festival "You, Mozart, God! ..", "Classical guitar in the XXI century", "December musical evenings", the International festival of L'arte del arco, the movable music and museum festival "Chariot Clio. Musical pages of the region history", La Folle Journée and others.

The Orchestra and Rustem Abyazov are the organizers of several festivals in Tatarstan, such as: "Abyazov Festival", in which Europe's leading soloists participate; the festival L'arte del arco - «The art of the fiddle bow." The conductor, who is also an excellent violinist, aims to present the best contemporary artists of the bow-stringed instruments in the festival. And also the movable music and museum festival "Chariot Clio. Musical pages of the region history"- which is an educational project, aimed at expanding the audience of classical concerts and museum exhibitions.

Over years leading soloists performed with the orchestra, including: Hibla Gerzmava, Albina Shagimuratova, Oleg Bezinskih, Vladimir Tonkha, Mischa Mayskiy, Guy Johnston, Mark Drobinsky, Daniil Kramer, Rustem Kudoyarov, Rem Urasin, Sophia Gulyak, Michael Lidskiy, Rustem Saytkulov, Graf Murzha, Alena Baeva, Dmitriy Mahtin, Lakshminarayana Subramaniam, Hugo Tichchiatti Arkadiy Shilkloper, Igor Butman, Michel Marang, Artem Dervoed, Dmitriy Illarionov, Misha Pyatigorskiy and many others.

Now and then the orchestra La Primavera was conducted by M. Arkhipov (Russia), P. Bellomia (Canada), M. Vengler (Luxembourg), A. Ishmuratov (Canada), T. Kamalov (Russia), D. Kovalski (Belgium), Stephan von Krohn (Stefano Catalano, USA), D. Lendor (UK), M. Mona (France), V. Onufriev (Russia), A. Pestalozza (Italy), Z. Satmari (Germany), P. Freysinger (USA), W. Heinke (Germany), B. Schoen (Germany), B. Yusupov (Israel).

The Orchestra’s members are:

Director, artistic director and chief conductor - Rustem Abyazov;
Group of first violins - 6 people (the orchestra concertmaster - Jamil Sharifullin);
Group of second violins - 6 people (the concertmaster of the group of second violins - Dmitriy Yakovlev);
Group of violas - 4 people (the concertmaster of the group of violas - Nikolay Laptev);
Group of cellos - 3 people (the concertmaster of the group of cellos - Adel Zakirov);
Group of basses - 2 people (the concertmaster of the group of basses - Vasiliy Shipov);
The soloist of the orchestra (piano, harpsichord) - Elena Los.