In 12 years, the International Piano Competition of Lyon (France) has attracted about 650 competitors from nearly 50 countries. It is a wonderful festival of concerts and master class at the heart of the City of Lyon. On the banks of the Rhône River, Lyon is one of the largest and oldest cities of France, with a rich cultural and economic life. The Competition is a member of the Alink Argerich network.

Edition 2021

A week of classical festival at the heart of Lyon; a Competition Prize Money of 15,000€.

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Rules & Regulations.


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Olena Pognoievska - soprano

The Lyon internaitonal piano contest is proud to introduce you to the young lyric artist for her beginnings in France.

2019 edition

All results, photos, winners of 2019 edition.

2018 edition

All results, photos, winners of 2018 edition.

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You can download here the 2020 press file and consult all press articles which are speaking about us.


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2019 results

Winners of the 2019 edition

2021 competition program

First round online: Free program from 15-20 min, including an original piece of J.S.Bach and a virtuoso study. Complete with one or more pieces of your choice. Send your performance via Youtube video link (or any other streaming platform). Please see regulations paragraph 10 about the 1st round online, and read carefully the entire rules.

Semi-Final: Free program from 22 to 25 minutes. It is possible to include one of the works recorded for the 1st round in the program of the Semi-Final or Final-Recital.

Final-Recital: Free program of 45-50 minutes, different from the previous rounds. Mandatory including a work by Alexandre Scriabin and the 1st movement of the concerto that the candidate has chosen for his performance, (in the list of concertos proposed by Artistic Direction of competition). For this test, the candidate will be accompanied on the second piano by a professional accompanist - Mr. Nobuyoshi Shima.

Final-Concerto: The Concerto presented by the laureats, this time played in full with Symphonic Orchestra.

Rules 2021

Rules of Lyon's international Piano Competition update (please read with care)

Because of the sanitary situation due to Covid19, the artistic management of the competition has decided to organize the first round of the competition "online".
There won't be any pre-selection in 2021!
The 1st round will occur through Youtube-link (see paragraph section 10: rule of the 1st round "online").

1. The Lyon's international Piano Competition is organized by the association "Grand Prix international de Piano de Lyon" (GPIPL), ruled according to 1901 French law, without lucrative purpose.

2. The LIPC is open to pianists of all nationalities, aged from 17 to 35 on the registration day.

3. The registration is open from January 1st 2021.

4. Deadline for registration and submission of the complete file and the Youtube link of the First round: April 1, 2021 midnight

5. -Registration by mail by sending the complete file (see details below) and the Youtube link to the address:
Please download the registration form from the website, complete it in capital letters and attach to your file with proof of payment.

- Online registration on the site Applicants must complete the online registration form and send the following documents before April 1, 2021 midnight:
* Curriculum Vitae in English and French, 10 lines maximum (pdf)
* Picture high definition jpeg (2 Mo maximum)
* Copy of passport (pdf)
* Complete programs of all rounds, indicating timing of each pieces (pdf)
* the payment proof of registration fees of 115€ (pdf)
* Youtube link of the 1st round

6. Banking costs are on charge of candidates

7. Registration fees (115€) can be paid either by banking transfer (international transfer) to the following bank account, or with Paypal on the website, or with a bank check for French residents, on benefit of GPIPL.
* IBAN: FR76 1027 8073 1200 0205 8310 119
* Swift code (BIC): CMCIFR2A
To the benefit of: Grand Prix international de Piano de Lyon
* Crédit Mutuel Bank – 34 rue du Wacken – Strasbourg – France

8. A candidacy will only be confirmed after we have received your application fee.

9. Registration fee will not be refunded or postponed under any circumstances.

10. Please read carefully the rules of the First round (online):
* Free program of 15-20 minutes, including obligatorily an original piece of J.S Bach and a virtuoso study. You can complete with one or more pieces of your choice.
* The video must have been recorded in 2021 specially for Lyon's international Piano competition.
It must be sent as an unique link without cuts, as a live performance. The face and the hands shall be visible in the same plan and without special effects (zoom or others).
* The videos can in no case be edited (neither audio nor video). Every edited videos will automatically be disqualified.
* The videos must be uploaded to an online service where they can be streamed without downloading (Youtube, Dailymotion, etc).
* A Youtube link fits us perfectly. However, it is the responsibility of the candidate to check that the link is online and viewable after submission until the announcement of the 1st round results. Video files including date limits like "We transfer" are forbidden. DVD are not accepted as well.
* According to present circumstances, the record can be done on upright pianos with a smartphone. The candidates won't be penalized by the quality of their instrument or record.
* Note: if the link is not sent before April 1st 2021 midnight, the candidate will automatically be disqualified and registration fees won't be refunded.
* The 1st round results will be announced on April 7st 2021 on the website, in order to let enough time to the semi-finalists to prepare the trip to Lyon.
* 36-40 candidates will be admitted to the semi-final in Lyon, which will take place on July 6th and 7th 2021 at the Regional Conservatory of Lyon.

11. Travel and accommodation costs are on charge of candidates. However, there is a possibility for all semi-finalists who request it, to get a free accommodation at a host family, according to the possibilities. For this, you must make the request by e-mail to

12. All applicants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult who will be fully responsible for the minor throughout the Contest period. If the adult is not one of the applicant's parents, a signed parental authorization must be attached to the registration file.

13. All candidates who take part to the semi-final will receive a semi-finalist diploma, on request to

14. The competition can request complementary informations to any candidate.

15. The candidates may change their programs of semi-final or final till May 20th 2021, last delay.

16. The timing of each pieces must be indicated!

17. The jury reserves the right to cut short a candidate's performance if the scheduled time for the test is exceeded.

18. The jury will be composed of musicians of world stature: concert pianists and teachers, conductors, artistic agents, producers, etc.

19. If a candidate is studying with a member of the jury, that member of the jury will not be allowed to vote for his or her student.

20. The name of candidate’s teacher/professor will not be printed in the program for the jury.

21. The jury has the sole competence to give an award, except for the Public Prize.

22. The decision of jury is final and will not be subjected to reviews or appeals.

23. In case of equality, the jury proceeds a second vote. The vote of jury is transparent, displayed and visible for all.

24. All performances are open for public, according to available seats.

25. In case of withdrawal, please inform the competition by mail to

26. All pieces must be performed by heart, except for contemporary pieces, after a personal request and approval by the artistic direction of the competition.

27. Candidates can include one of the pieces they have recorded on the 1st round in semi-final program or final-recital program.

28. Candidates are solely responsible for visa applications. A letter of invitation to the Competition can be provided upon request. The visa application should be addressed to the relevant embassy or consulate.

29. The GPIPL association, organizer of the competition, owns a "Civil Liability" insurance which covers the costs in the event of incidents or accidents occuring to participants during the period of the Competition. But this insurance does not in any way cover parents or accompanying persons. Candidates are advised to check their personal insurance as well as those of accompanying persons in order to guarantee the necessary cover outside the Competition.

30. Candidates should be available for any interview, video recording or meeting in relation with the competition. The presence of all finalists is required at the Gala concert and rewards ceremony.

31. Candidates release, in favor of the competition, all rights to capture, broadcast and recording of any kind, for an indefinite period, made during the Contest. Applicants consent to subsequent uses of the recordings. Participation in the Competition constitutes the agreement of all candidates. A copy of the recording can be given to candidates who have previously provided a USB key of at least 4 GB.

32. The entry in the competition implies the acceptance of the present rules without any reservation.

33. Failure to comply with one or more rules of these regulations will result in the disqualification of the candidate. The decision cannot be contested.

34. Photocopies of scores are prohibited under the laws in force (Law of 11/3/1957 art. 425 of penal code)

35. In case of differences between translations, only the French version will prevail.

36. Rules may be subject to change without notice.

Planning - 2020

1) Before Friday, May 15, 2020: Candidates must send their registration file including the recording on DVD or youtube link of two studies and an original work of JS Bach for the first test -selection.Total = 20 minutes maximum.The number of admitted candidates depends on the level of the participants and can vary from one year to another, but will not exceed 60 people.

2) Saturday 4th July 2020: Reception of the candidates of the 12th International Piano Competition of Lyon from 2 pm at the Regional Conservatory of Lyon: 4 Montée Cardinal Decourtray Lyon 5th.
The evening of July 4th at 6 pm Debussy's Hall of Conservatory Opening Concert: Recital given by Albert Mamriev, President of the jury 2020

3) Sunday 5 and Monday 6 July at the Debussy Hall: 1st public round from 9 am. Selected candidates will have to present a free program of 15/18 minutes, including works of différents styles .

4) Tuesday, July 7 - Debussy Hall:
9 am to 4 pm: Semi-final for the 12 selected candidates, free program of 22 to 25 minutes per candidate.
4pm to 5pm -Proceedings.
6pm-Two-pianos concert given by Svetlana Eganian and Yolande Kouznetsov-Gallay, Artistic Director and Co-Artistic Director of the Competition - Festival.
7:30 pm - announcement of results, exchanges of non-finalists with the jury.

5) Wednesday, July 8 - Debussy Hall:
10 am to 4 pm: Final - recital, The 6 finalists will present a free program of 45-50 minutes including obligatorily one or more works of Alexandre Scriabine, and the first movement of the concerto that they worked (chosen in the list of proposed works for this edition), accompanied on the 2nd piano by a professional accompanist.
From 4 pm to 4:45 pm : Deliberations and announcement of the three laureates for the evening of Gala the next day.
From 5pm to 8pm: possible masterclass by jury members for all non-finalists who wish to do so (contact Svetlana Eganian directly for conditions and reservations).

6) Thursday, July 9 at 7 pm: At the Municipal Hall "La Bourse du Travail » 205, Place Guichard 69003 Lyon will run the gala evening, from 7 pm including: The Final-Concerto, during which the three winners selected the day before will perform the concerto they have prepared, accompanied by the Bryansk Festival Orchestra (Russia) under the direction of Edward Ambartsumyan and the soprano Olena Pognoievska, the vote of the "Public Prize", the awards ceremony, and the closing cocktail reserved VIPs, jury members, host families and candidates.

The jury vote is transparent, visible and visible to all.

Jury 2021

Welcome by the Founder

I would like to welcome our jury members, all of them distinguished musicians, who take on a great responsibility. They gather for this task, which is so delicate, with the experience of having run international competitions in their own countries. However difficult, this task brings moments of pure delight to all of us, who are passionate about discovering new musical talents.
- Svetlana Eganian, Founder & Artistic Director

President of jury

Albert Mamriev (Israel)

Albert Mamriev, born in Dagestan in 1974, studied the piano with his father, Jankel Mamriev, but also with Alexander Bakulov and Sergei Dorenski in Moscow. He was also a student of Arie Vardi in Tel Aviv and Hanover. Since 1988 when Albert Mamriev won the 1st Prize of the "Delia Steinberg International Piano Competition" in Madrid, he has established himself as one of the most versatile pianists of his generation. He regularly gives Masterclasses in China, Estonia, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Korea, Taiwan, Ukraine and the United States. In 2014 he founded the "Young Piano Stars" International Competition in Königs-Wusterhausen. Albert Mamriev is also present on radio and television. Recordings of his concerts are enjoyed throughout Europe, the United States, Mexico, Australia and Asia.

International Jury

Svetlana Eganian (France)

Svetlana Eganian trained at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory of Moscow with prestigious professors such as Bella Davidovitch (1st Prize at the 1st Warsaw Chopin Competition in 1949) and Zinaïda Ignatieva, disciple of Samuel Feinberg, contemporary and friend of Alexandre Scriabin. Winner of the first four prizes (soloist-concert performer, chamber musician, pedagogue, and accompanist-partner of opera singers) awarded by a jury composed of eminent members of the Russian School: Tatiana Nicolaeva, Dmitri Bashkirov, Evgeni Malinin, Lev Naoumov and Sergeÿ Dorenski, she moved to France, and, since 1981, teaches at the CNSMD in Lyon.

Edward Ambartsumyan (Armenia / Russia)

Edward Ambartsumyan is a pianist by training, he received the diploma in "Composition" in 1992 at the Komitas National Conservatory in Yerevan and in 1993 the diploma in "Opera and Symphony Conductor". He was already a winner of the Competition for young composers of the Soviet Union in Moscow in 1988. From 1989 until 1993, Mr. Ambartsumyan conducted, as principal conductor, the chamber orchestra of the State Conservatory, and took charge of the Armenian Radio-Television Symphony Orchestra in 1991. At the same time, he conducted the orchestra of major operas "La Bohême", "Carmen", "Rigoletto", as well as the ballets "Spartacus", "Le Sacre du Spring ”or“ the Firebird ”. In 1993 he obtained the post of conductor of the Bryansk Chamber Orchestra, which in 2011 became the Bryansk Governorate Symphony Orchestra, with which he regularly toured Europe and Russia.

Aline Artinian (France)

Aline Artinian is a piano teacher. She is artistic director of the "Music First" festival at Barbizon, which for the past five years has been mixing renowned artists and young talents. She is also the artistic director of the "Les heures musicales" festival in Gargilesse, one of the most beautiful villages in France. Aline Artinian is also Vice-President of the "Francis Poulenc International Piano Competition".

Dorian Leljak (Serbia / Croatia)

After having mainly studied at the Yale School of Music, Dorian Leljak is Professor of piano at the Academy of Arts in Novi-Sad; he is an exam jury at the Royal College of Music in London. He studied with Arbo Valdma and Boris Berman (DMA, Yale University).
Dorian Leljak has won several international piano competitions (Rachmaninov Competition, Novi-Sad Piano Competition) and has received numerous prizes such as that of the University of Novi-Sad, Yale University Mary Clapp Howell and Irving Gilmore and Parisot Prizes among others . He successfully pursued an international career as a recital pianist, soloist with orchestra and chamber musician, establishing a collaboration with cellist Istvan Varga and pianist Ninoslav Zivkovic.

Philippe Raskin (Belgien)

The interpretations of Belgian pianist Philippe Raskin are described as "generous and committed" (MDM-La libre Belgique). His acting shows "impressive confidence" (JK, Mundo Classico). He studied at the Queen Elizabeth Royal Music Chapel in Brussels and at the "Escuela Superior de Musica Reina Sofia" in Madrid, with teachers such as Jean-Claude Van den Eynden, Dmitri Bashkirov and Emanuel Krasovsky. Winner of several international competitions such as the Lyon International Piano Competition or “Spanish Composers” in Madrid, he is regularly invited to play as a soloist or with an orchestra. He is also Founder and Artistic Director of the "César Franck International Piano Competition" in Brussels.

Alvaro Teixeira Lopes (Portugal)

Born in Porto, he completed his “Advanced piano course” at the Conservatory of Porto in 1981. He studied with Isabel Rocha and Helena Sà e Costa, then at the National Conservatory of Lisbon with Jorge Moyano. Fellow of the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Austrian Government and the Secretary of State for Culture, he continued his studies in Wien and then in Paris. He won numerous awards and had a long national and international career as a soloist and chamber musician. He was often invited to play in the biggest festivals in Portugal, France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Malta, Spain and Great Britain. Brittany. He heads the "Santa Cecilia International Piano Competition" in Porto, Portugal, which will celebrate its XXII edition in 2020.

Pavel Kachnov (Ukraine)

Born in Kiev, Ukraine, to a family of musicians, Pavel Kachnov started playing the piano at the age of 3. A pupil of Irina Barinova at the Kiev Higher Music School, he accumulated the first prizes in national and international competitions from a very young age (Prokofiev competition, Karamanov competition, etc.). Admitted at the age of 16 at the Tchaikovsky National Academy of Music, then at the Kiev Higher Conservatory, in 2010 he became soloist of the Royal Vienna Orchestra. He has been teaching since 2013 at the Vienna Conservatory of Music and Dramatic Arts. Guest of the largest concert halls such as the Musikverein (2018) he has performed with numerous groups, the Philharmonic Orchestra of Ukraine, the Odessa Orchestra, of Madrid ...
Its vast repertoire ranges from Baroque to contemporary creation. In 2017 he founded his own international piano competition in Kiev, and, again in 2017, won 1st prize at the international piano competition in Lyon where he was "spotted" by Musica Formosa.


Host family (free of charges)

After you have succeeded the first round online, you have the opportunity to stay at host family in Lyon. Please contact first Mme Eganian (, and after Mme Balligand, our host family manager (
The applicant will be host according to availability.


- Auberge de jeunesse HI (hostelling international)
41 montée Chemin neuf, 69005 Lyon
+33 (0)4 78 15 05 50

- Centre international de séjour de Lyon (international youth hostel of Lyon)
103 Bd des Etats Unis, 69008 Lyon
+33 (0)4 37 90 42 42


Hôtel Axotel Lyon Perrache
12 Rue Marc-Antoine Petit, 69002 Lyon
tel : +33 (0)4 72 77 70 70

Online registration

Start online registration

Our team

Svetlana Eganian – Founder and Artistic Director

Svetlana is the Founder and Artistic Director of the Competition, as well as the Honorary President of our non-profit organisation. She graduated from Moscow Tchaikovsky Conservatory.
Laureate of no less than four First Prizes from the Russian school, she settled down in France and has been teaching at the Lyon CNSMD (Conservatoire national supérieur de musique et de danse) since 1981. She is deeply involved with the discovery of young talents and leads teaching and artistic efforts internationally. In addition, she pursues her career as a concert pianist, both in France and abroad.
In 2009, she founded the International Piano Competition of Lyon, which attracts a growing number of quality candidates from all over the world. Svetlana Eganian is also invited as a member or president of prestigious juries in Italy, Germany, Spain, Lituania and Belgium.

Yolande GALLAY-KOUZNETSOV | Co-directrice artistique

Pianiste concertiste, lauréate de concours internationaux, compositrice; sa maitrise des langues (français, anglais, russe) facilite la communication avec les candidats. Son expérience des concours internationaux lui permet de mieux comprendre les besoins et les attentes des jeunes participants.
Parmi ses centres d’intérêts l’illustration, le jazz et la composition; ses pièces sont éditées aux éditions Lemoine, Delrieu et Soldano.
Grâce à la dimension internationale du concours de Lyon, c’est une occasion pour elle de rencontrer de jeunes artistes du monde entier et de leur faire découvrir sa ville natale.

Jérôme BROSSETTE | Vice-président | Benefactor

Jérôme Brossette est Coordinateur du réseau d ’accueil. Né dans une famille d’industriels lyonnais, avocat à la retraite, Jérôme Brossette a été élevé dans un contexte musical. Pianiste amateur, intéressé par les musiques alliant tous les genres, il est notamment à l’origine de la mise en place du réseau d’accueil des candidats venant participer au Concours International de Piano de Lyon, et de la coordination, en liaison avec les familles hébergentes, des moyens de transport vers les différents sites des épreuves.

Pascal CHÉRON | Trésorier | Organisation Technique et photo | Benefactor

Né en Normandie dans une famille de mélomanes, j’ai toujours considéré la musique classique Comme un leitmotiv à l’épanouissement du bien être, le piano étant mon instrument de prédilection.
Membre fondateur du Concours International de Piano de Lyon avec Svetlana Eganian et coorganisateur de soirées Musicales avec l’association Appassionata, nous faisons tout pour promouvoir les jeunes talents.
Actuellement Président d’une société spécialisée dans les diagnostics immobiliers, je suis devenu tout naturellement mécène de l’évènement musical Lyonnais.

Jean-Jacques KARAGUEUZIAN | Sponsoring | Benefactor

Ancien élève diplômé de l’EM Lyon, Jean Jacques Karagueuzian a dès son jeune âge été amateur de musique, aussi bien classique que de jazz et lyrique.
Cet intérêt s’est traduit dès 1999 par le sponsoring de production de CD pour des musiciens réputés. Plus récemment, son action s’exerce au travers de la Fondation créée au nom de ses parents Berdjouhie et Kevork Karagueuzian pour promouvoir la formation musicale à l’attention des jeunes enfants et assister les jeunes musiciens en début de carrière par l’organisation de concerts et le mécènat du Concours international de Piano de Lyon.

Jacqueline CHEVALIER | Relations médias et partenaires

Jacqueline Chevalier a intégré l’équipe du concours en 2015. Enseignante, pianiste et passionnée de musique, a souhaité participer à la promotion des jeunes et brillants talents venus du monde entier, et apporter l’aide nécessaire à Svetlana

Christian RORDORF | Enregistrement audio vidéo et Mixage

Vétérinaire, Christian Rordorf consacre une grande partie de son temps libre à la musique.
Petit-fils du fabricant de piano zurichois éponyme, il est pianiste amateur. Il organise aussi régulièrement des concerts de musique classique et de jazz. Il s’est piqué d’intérêt pour l’enregistrement live, et suit une formation d’ingénieur du son.
Après avoir été l’élève de Svetlana Eganian, il a tout naturellement rejoint l’équipe du GPIPL en tant que responsable des enregistrement + mixages audio et de la réalisation de CD et DVD des meilleurs moments du GPIPL

Hélène BALLIGAND | Organisation de concerts et familles d'accueil

Née à Lyon dans une famille d’industriels, elle fait ses études musicales au Conservatoire de Lyon. Professeure émérite de piano, reconnue par ses pairs, elle a été Présidente de l’Association Chopin de Lyon de 2007 à 2018. Le choix des artistes qui se produisaient depuis ces 10 années montre sa grande compétence et sa volonté de promouvoir les pianistes de grand talent. Hélène n’hésite pas à voyager pour découvrir et rencontrer «les perles rares» lors des grands Concours internationaux comme Marguerite Long à Paris, Reine Elisabeth à Bruxelles, Geza Anda à Zurich, concours de Genève, et naturellement le Concours International de Piano de Lyon,dont elle a intégré l'équipe après en avoir été observatrice pendant quelque années.

André Cuerq |

He likes to listen beautiful things and spend good times. He's offering to the CIPL his experiences into logistics and organization !

Pierre-Michel BRUNEL | Infographie

Cadre en retraite de l’Education Nationale, Pierre-Michel Brunel a intégré l’équipe organisatrice du CIPL en 2019, à l‘invitation de sa présidente fondatrice Svetlana Eganian. En charge de l’infographie, il élabore les documents imprimables du Concours à partir des éléments et des décisions stablisés en réunion. La musique classique fait partie de son quotidien, tout particulièrement le piano, ce qui rend son engagement au service de ce grand concours international d’autant plus enthousiasmant.

Jahnvi Pananchikal | In-Charge of Partnership

A competent educator and communications professional with experience in educational institutions, social & tech start-ups, and art organisations. Skillful in educating children and adults, writing diversified content, raising awareness, building client relationships and creating effective marketing and communications strategy.

Thanks !

They have supported us !

The direction of the contest thanks particularly the city of Lyon and the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes district for their support.

With the participation of Colbert highschool


Candidates can choose one of the following works for their Final:

J.S.Bach-Concerto N 1 d-moll BWV 1052

F.Chopin -Concerto N 1 e-moll op.11

F.Chopin-Concerto N 2 f-moll op.21

W.A.Mozart-Concerto N 21 C-dur K467

W.A.Mozart-Concerto N 23 A-dur K 488

R.Schumann -Concerto a-moll op.54

F.Liszt-Concerto N 1 Es -dur S 124

F.Liszt -Concerto N 2 A-dur S 125

L.V.Beethoven -Concerto N 1 C-dur op.15

L.V.Beethoven-Cocerto N 2 B-dur op.19

L.V.Beethoven-Concerto N 3 c-moll op.37

L.V.Beethoven -Concerto N 4 G-dur op. 58

L.V.Beethoven -Concerto N 5 Es-dur op.73

Saint-Saens -Concerto N 2 g-moll op.22

E.Grieg-Concerto a-moll

M.Ravel -Concerto en Sol Majeur

S.Prokofiev- Concerto N 1 Des-dur op.10

S.Projofiev-Concerto N 3 C-dur op. 26

S.Rachmaninov-Concerto N 2 c-moll op.18

S.Rachmaninov -Concerto N 3 d-moll op. 30

P. Tchaïkovski - Concerto N 1 b-moll op. 23

Orchestra invited for the Grand Final

The Bryansk symphonic orchestra

The Bryansk symphonic orchestra is one of the most brilliant artistic bands of  Bryansk.


For its time being the orchestra has prepared and performed a lot of concert programs. The orchestra band is distinguished for its high performing mastership, excellent ensemble and a wonderful sense of style.

The repertoire of the band is vast and various - from the classics to the music of modern composers. These are Vivaldi, Corelli, Bach, Handel, Haydn, Mozart, Grieg, Tchaikovsky, Britten, Svendsen, Shostakovich, Schoenberg, Shaw and many others.

The Bryansk orchestra runs vast concert activities in the cities of Russia and abroad. Since 2001 in cooperation with the association “The Philharmonic Orchestra of Europe” more than 200 concerts have been prepared and performed in the most prestigious concert-halls of Europe, where the band have had a great success and managed to win love of the public, which was proved by high opinion of the press.

Every year the Bryansk orchestra takes part in The International Festival of Modern Art named after N.Roslavets and N.Gabo, in the series of the concerts of classical music “May assemblies”, in the decade of arts to the memory of  princess Tenisheva, in The International Contest  of Young Pianists named after T.N.Nikolaeva. The orchestra took part in The Russian Festival of String-and-bow Art held in Bryansk in 1997. At the same year the European association “Esta” held The All-Russian seminar of leading Russian and European masters of string-and-bow art on the basis of the orchestra.

The art director and chief conductor of the Bryansk symphonic orchestra is The Honored artist of the Russian Federation Edward Ambartsumyan, a talented musician, composer and conductor. He heads it since 1993.

Edward Ambartsumyan graduated from The Yerevan State Conservatory named after Comitas  on the speciality “composition” in 1992 and on the speciality “a conductor of opera-house and symphonic orchestras” in 1993. During his studies in the conservatory he worked as a chief conductor of  The Yerevan Conservatory Chamber Orchestra. In 1991 – 93 he was a conductor of the symphonic orchestra of  Armenian radio and television  and at the same tame a conductor in the Academic Opera  named after Spendiarov. In 1988 he took part in The All-Union Contest of Young Composers in Moscow, where he was became a laureate. In 1996 he took part in the Second International Contest of Conductors named after S.Prokofiev in St.Petersburg.


Edward Ambartsumyan performs with the best symphonic and chamber orchestras  of Armenia, Belarus, Russia,Macedonia .

In 1999 on the invitation of The Macedonia National Theatre of Opera and Ballet Edward Ambartsumyan conducted the opera-house orchestra in  Skopje with a symphonic program. The ballet “Romeo and Juliet” by S.Prokofiev was perfomed by him in 2000. He also conducted this orchestra in 2007 – 2010. Edward Ambartsumyan is characterized by his high professionalism, excellent taste and  vivid emotionality.

The international biography center of The Cambridge University (The Great Britain) has included Edward Ambartsumyan into the world anthology “The names of the 21st century”.

Awards granted for this edition

1st award - 6000€

2nd award - 3000€

3rd award - 2000€

4th award - 1000€

5th award - 700€

6th award - 300€

Special Award À.Scriabine - 300€

Public Award - 1000€

Retrospective of winners


1er prix et prix du public Pavel Kachnov (Ukraine)
2ème prix Daniil Kazakov (Russia)
3ème prix Shogher Hovhannisyan (Armenia)
Prix Scriabine Junichi Ito (Japan)


1er prix Leonel Morales-Herrero (Spain)
2ème prix Caterina Grewe (Germany)
3ème prix et prix du public : Bruno Vlahek (Croatia)
Prix Scriabine : Artavazd Hambaryan (Armenia)


1er prix et prix du public Wataru Hisasue (Japan)
2ème prix et prix Scriabine Ronaldo Rolim (Brazil)
3ème prix Yeontaek Oh (Korea)


1er prix Pavel Yeletskiy (Byelorussia)
2ème prix et prix du public Min-Jun Kim (Korea)
3ème prix ex aequo Igor Andreev (Russia)
3ème prix ex aequo Jin Ishimura (Japan)


1er prix Evgeny Starodubtsev (Russia)
2ème prix et prix du public Alexander Yakovlev (Russia)
3ème prix Jean-Paul Gasparian (France)


1er prix Alessandro Tardino (Italia)
2ème prix Philippe Raskin (Belgium)
3ème prix et prix du public Anna Fedorova (Ukraine)


1er prix Akihiro Sakiyia (Japan)
2ème prix Yedam Kim (Korea)
3ème prix et prix du public Fiorenzo Pascalucci (Italia)


1er prix Dan Zuili (Israel)
2ème prix ex æquo Rena Yoshihara (Japan)
2ème prix ex aequo et Prix du public Damien Bossy (Belgium)
3ème prix ex æquo Yuka Fujii (Japan)
3ème prix ex æquo Nicolas Horvath (Monaco)


1er prix Jean-Vianney Zenati (France)
2ème prix Jahana Chiharu (Japan)
3ème prix Lin Chia-Hung (Taiwan)
Prix du public Jahana Chiharu (Japan)

Jury over time


Vincenzo BALZANI (Italia, president of the jury)
Nicolas HORVATH (Monaco-France)
Philippe RASKIN (Belgium)
Albert MAMRIEV (Israel)
Edward AMBARTSUMYAN (Armenia) Yuri BOGDANOV (Russia)
Svetlana EGANIAN (France)


Dmitri BASHKIROV (Russia, president of the jury)
Michele DELLA VENTURA (Italia)
Nigara AKCHMEDOVA (Uzbekistan, Russia)
Albert MAMRIEV (Israel)
Eduard AMBARTSUMYAN (Armenia)
Philippe RASKIN (Belgium)
Svetlana EGANIAN (France)


Marie-Catherine GIROD (France, president of the jury)
Vincenzo BALZANI (Italia)
Tatiana ZELIKMAN (Russia)
Albert MAMRIEV (Israel)
Philippe RASKIN (Belgium)
Gilead MISHORY (Germany)
Svetlana EGANIAN (France)


Michel DALBERTO (France, president of the jury)
Akemi YAMAMOTO-ALINK (Japan / Dutch)
Alain LOMPECH (France)
Elena ROSANOVA (Russia)
Philippe RASKIN (Belgium)
Svetlana EGANIAN (France)
Thomas HERBUT (Pologne)


Christian IVALDI (France, president of the jury)
Philip de la CROIX (France)
François-Frédérique GUY (France)
Alain JACQUON (France)
Vincenzo BALZANI (Italia)
Gilead MISHORY (Germany)
Svetlana EGANIAN (France)


Jacques ROUVIER (France, president of the jury)
Christian IVALDI (France)
Hervé N'KAOUA (France)
Muza RUBACKYTE (Lituania)
Serguei MILSTEIN (Russia)
Svetlana EGANIAN (France)


Alexander PALEY (USA, president of the jury)
Marie-Catherine GIROD (France)
Grégory BEER (Poland)
Serguei MILSTEIN (Russia)
Yanka HEKIMOVA (Bulgaria)
Svetlana EGANIAN (France)
Ying Ming QIN (China)


Svetlana EGANIAN (France, president of the jury)
Grégory BEER (Pologne)
Serguei MILSTEIN (Russia)
Yanka HEKIMOVA (Bulgarie)
Muza RUBACKYTE (Lituania, Suisse)
Catherine ALEXANDRE (France)
Prosper TEBOUL (France)


Svetlana EGANIAN (France, president of the jury)
Catherine ALEXANDRE (France)
Serguei MILSTEIN (Russia)
Tamayo IKEDA (Japan)

Practical informations for 2020

Saturday 4th July 2020: Opening Concert: Recital given by Albert Mamriev, President of the jury 2020

Sunday 5 and Monday 6 July at the Debussy Hall: 1st public round from 9 am. Selected candidates will have to present a free program of 15/18 minutes, including works of différents styles .

Tuesday, July 7 - Debussy Hall:
6pm-Two-pianos concert given by Svetlana Eganian and Yolande Kouznetsov-Gallay, Artistic Director and Co-Artistic Director of the Competition - Festival.

Wednesday, July 8 - Debussy Hall:
10 am to 4 pm: Final - recital, The 6 finalists will present a free program of 45-50 minutes including obligatorily one or more works of Alexandre Scriabine, and the first movement of the concerto that they worked (chosen in the list of proposed works for this edition), accompanied on the 2nd piano by a professional accompanist.
From 4 pm to 4:45 pm : Deliberations and announcement of the three laureates for the evening of Gala the next day.
From 5pm to 8pm: possible masterclass by jury members for all non-finalists who wish to do so (contact Svetlana Eganian directly for conditions and reservations).

Thursday, July 9 at 7 pm: At the Municipal Hall "La Bourse du Travail » 205, Place Guichard 69003 Lyon will run the gala evening, from 7 pm including: The Final-Concerto, the vote of the "Public Prize", the awards ceremony, and the closing cocktail reserved VIPs, jury members, host families and candidates.

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2020 press file

Download 2020 press file

Press articles

Videos of 2019 edition

Introduction of 2019 edition

1st prize – Yeon Min Park

Home video kindly granted and produced by Vadon familie who has welcomed the first prizewinner of 2019 edition.

Videos of 2018 edition

Introduction of 2018 edition

1st price Elizaveta Kliuchereva

2nd price Konstantin Khachikyan

3rd price Young Sun Choi

France 3 reportage

Videos of 2015 edition

Introduction of 2015 edition

Videos of 2014 edition

1st price Pavel Yeletskiy

2nd price Min Jun Kim

3rd price ex aequo Igor Andreev

3rd price ex aequo Jun Ishimura

Videos 2013 edition

France 3 reportage

Videos of 2011 edition

Introduction of 2011 edition

Poster of 2021 edition

Olena Pognoievska - soprano

Olena Pognoievska is a classical singer who has been passionate about music for as long as she can remember. With a rigorous formal training in music high school and academies of Ukraine and Austria, she devoted her formative years to developing her voice, working with both world-class vocalists and actresses, as well as taking a series of masterclasses from internationally recognised coaches. Today, she is a rising star on the classical scene and has her sights set internationally, something helped by an ability to speak six languages. Olena’s creativity finds its kindred expression in the world of fashion, travel and nature. Further information:

Olena Pognoievska will perform on the gala party on july 9th.

Results 2018

  1. 1st prize and public award: Elizaveta Kliuchereva - Russia
  2. 2nd prize: Konstantin Khachikyan - Russia
  3. 3rd prize: Young Sun Choi - Korea
  4. 4th prize: Kristina Zelenina - Russia
  5. 5th prize: Eunhee Baek - Korea
  6. 6th prize: Brian Le - USA. Ex-æquo
  7. 6th prize: Karlis Gunars Tirzitis - Lettonia
  8. Special prize À. Scriabin: Konstantin Khachikyan - Russia

List of proposed concertos for 2018 final

J. S. BACH - Concerto N°1 d-moll BWV 1052

J. S. BACH - Concerto N°3 D-dur BWV 1054

J. S. BACH - Concerto N°4 A-dur BWV 1055

F. CHOPIN - Concerto N°1 e-moll opus 11

F. CHOPIN - Concerto N°2 f-moll opus 21

J. HAYDN - Concerto N°11 D-dur Hob. XVIII/11

W. A. MOZART - Concerto N°12 A-dur (K 414)

W. A. MOZART - Concerto N°13 C- dur (K.415)

W. A. MOZART - Concerto N°14 Es-dur ( K. 449)

W. A. MOZART - Concerto N°23 A-dur (K 488)

F. MENDELSSOHN - Concerto a-moll pour piano et cordes

A. SCHNITTKE - Concerto pour piano et cordes (1979)

Orchestra for the great final

Chamber orchestra "La Primavera"

The chamber orchestra "La Primavera" has been created in 1989. His bandmaster and artistic director Rustem Abyazov, gave a name inspired by the painting of Boticelli known under the name "La Primavera", "the spring" in Italian.


Winners selected to play for the final with orchestra:

  1. Konstantin Khachikyan - Russia
  2. Elizaveta Kliuchereva - Russia
  3. Young Sun Choi - Korea


Candidates selected for the final:

  1. Kristina Zelenina - Russia
  2. Brian Le - USA
  3. Eunhee Baek - Korea
  4. Konstantin Khachikyan - Russia
  5. Elizaveta Kliuchereva - Russia
  6. Young Sun Choi - Korea
  7. Karlis Gunars Tirzitis - Lettonia

Semi final results

First rounds of the international piano competition of Lyon have achieved.
Just after a coktail offered by the Alink Argerich Fundation, with the presence of Mr Gustav Alink, the results of the semi finale have been pronounced by Svetlana Eganian, President and artistic director of the competition.

For this trial, we will have 12 candidates:

  1. Kristina Zelenina - Russia
  2. Yannaël Quenel - France
  3. Brian Le - USA
  4. Junichi Ito - Japan
  5. Eunhee Baek - Korea
  6. Konstantin Khachikyan - Russia
  7. Minhee Won - Korea
  8. Ryutaro Susuki - Japan
  9. Elizaveta Kliuchereva - Russia
  10. Young Sun Choi - Korea
  11. Karlis Gunars Tirzitis - Lettonia
  12. Jean Jacques Bedikian - France

List of candidates for 2018

  1. Ai ISAWA - Japan
  2. Kyoungsun PARK - South Korea
  3. Zu-An Shen - Taïwan
  4. Timothy Chiang - Australia
  5. Yuelu Cui. - China
  6. Tongtong. Zhu - China
  7. Ryutaro Suzuki. - Japan
  8. Brian Le - USA
  9. Marija Bokor - Suisse
  10. Gabriela Abrahamyan - Armenia
  11. Herman Harrison - Australia
  12. Rolando Valdes - Mexico
  13. Kaito Kobayashi - Japan
  14. Aleksandr Maltsev - Russia
  15. Ayumi Nabata - Japan
  16. Hanna Yu - South Korea
  17. Qi Kong - China
  18. Vladimir Kuzin - Russia
  19. Eunhee Baek - South Korea
  20. Saeko Miyasho - Japan
  21. Konstantin Khachikyan - Russia
  22. Yu Zhou Zhang - England
  23. An-Chi Mai - Taïwan
  24. Danilo Mascetti - Italia
  25. Yun Chih Hsu - Taïwan
  26. Kristina. Zelenina - Russia
  27. Anna Mironova - Russia
  28. Mikhail Kovalev - Russia
  29. Young Sun Choi - South Korea
  30. Shih-Wei Huang - Taïwan
  31. Xizi Zhang - China
  32. Stanislava Kucherenko - Byelorussia
  33. Jean-Selim Abdelmoula - Swiss
  34. Salih Can Gevrek - Turquey
  35. Mayuko. Obuchi. - Japan
  36. Karlis Gunars - Tirzītis Latvia
  37. Tikhon Selivanov - Russia
  38. Jean-Jacques. Bedikian - France
  39. Igor. Stepanov - Russia
  40. Joon. Yoon - South Korea
  41. Ruben Kozin. - Russia
  42. Minhee. Won. - South Korea
  43. Junichi. Ito - Japan
  44. Sangwon Lee. - South Korea
  45. Yannaël. Quenel - France
  46. Elizaveta. Kliuchereva - Russia
  47. Justin Joon-Kee Min - Canada

  • Winners of the 2019 edition

    1st award and public award : Yeon Min PARK - Corea

    3rd award ex æquo : Hayato SUMINO - Japan

    3rd award ex æquo : Salih Can GEVREK - Turkay

    4th award Harrison : HERMAN - Australia

    5th award Kristoffer : GYLLING - Finland

    6th award Hoyel : LEE - Corea

    Award À. Scriabine : Salih Can GEVREK - Turkey

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